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Tip#377: Appreciate the Little Things Like Air – G20 Toronto Pt.7 – Red Planet

When something you take for granted every day is taken away from you it can shift your awareness profoundly as to how much you truly need it. This happened many times during my G20 riot police experience back on June 27, 2010 here in Toronto. See part 1: tip#369

In continuing my story from part 6, I was in the police bus already parked inside the detention centre for about an hour. There was no air circulating and the body heat of about 24 other detainees had started to raise the temperature and fog up the windows in my compartment. We were still in handcuffs and soaking wet from the cold rain earlier.

The man across the aisle started to express how he couldn't breathe and I could see the pain on his face. Soon I was having trouble breathing as well. Guys started to bang on the windows for any one outside to give us air. Over time I began to suffocate and initiated my own cries for help. We all cried out for air about 1/2 dozen times hoping the police within the detention centre would help us.

I was slowly passing out as finally an officer opened a small area from the back of our compartment that let some air in. It was so minute and yet I could feel that life affirming oxygen slowly enter my lungs. Air never felt sweeter.

Red Planet 2000

The science fiction movie Red Planet features many life threatening challenges to a group of stranded astronauts on the planet Mars. There is a scene where astronaut Gallagher (Val Kilmer) is the first of 2 other men whose oxygen tank nears empty. He slowly suffocates and you see the tense horror on the others as they watch him suffer.

One by one they each run out of air when Gallagher is the first to collapse to the ground gasping. This is what I felt in the enclosed police bus as the oxygen depleted. Thankfully, as in the movie, we eventually received air.

Fully Conscious

Since that police bus experience I have become fully conscious of any breeze I feel on my face. I deeply appreciate the feel of a fan blowing air in my direction. I am grateful for the oxygen I feel filling my lungs. This is the silver lining of the challenge I experienced.

When something essential is suddenly taken away from you, you receive the gift of awareness of appreciation. See these challenges as a way of helping you acknowledge the little things in life that are passing you by. Breathe in every moment because there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

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