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Tip#374: Create Your Own Universe – Tony Hsieh's Delivering Happiness - Inception

Life can sometimes appear unbearable and impossible to deal with. And yet this can all change once you believe you have the innate ability to make big changes for the better.

As mentioned in tip#372 I've experienced multiple challenges this year both in my life and career. What is helping me stay positive and resilient is the mindset of envisioning the world I want instead of the one currently in front of me. I am BELIEVING in a better world for myself.

Delivering Happiness

One book that's been inspiring me to confidently move forward is Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. He is the CEO of Zappos, North America’s number one online shoe store. We had actually met back in December 2008 after seeing Tony on The Oprah Show and touring his head office in Las Vegas. See my blog articles on Zappos: tip#205, tip#213, tip#214, tip#238, tip#261, tip#376

Tony's book outlines his success stories with founding Zappos and how he built and sold a company for $265 million dollars just out of college. He also shares ingenious entrepreneurial stories while in college and as a youth. Tony continually shares that is it PASSION and building supportive RELATIONSHIPS that are primary keys to success and happiness. Above all the key to envision, create and believe in your own universe must be part of your mindset.

Inception 2010

The movie Inception is an incredible and astonishing movie that deeply explores what it is to envision and create your own world. The story is about a man named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has the ability to enter the dream of others and implant or discover important thoughts within the subconscious. It is a powerful film that will motivate you to think of new possibilities in your own life.

There is a stunning scene where Ariadne (Ellen Page) has joined Cobb within his subconscious world in Paris. There she begins to envision her own world and literally alters the city and landscapes all around them. Despite Cobb telling her not to do this she pushes forward to create the world she wants to have.

Alter Your Mindset

Ariadne's willful attitude and the proactive attitude I'm learning about Tony Hsieh reminds me of the mindset I’ve already been training myself to embody for several years now. And that mindset begins with envisioning, creating and believing in the life and career I want. It doesn't matter if what I want isn't here yet what matters is that I am enjoying the journey there with my passion for writing this Movies That Motivate blog and celebrating my supportive and loving relationships everyday.

Your world right now may not be as fulfilling or satisfying as you may desire. Just remember that you have the ability to alter your current situations by ENVISIONING the future you want. BELIEVE in this new reality and then take the steps to CREATE it one small piece at a time. Do this and you too will have an incredible and astonishing life!

"Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you."
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

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Anonymous said...

I read you Blog and I was impressed on your take of "Inception". I found the most interesting thing about the movie to be the idea that most of our thoughts are subconscious....therefore most of us are driven by motives that we are not fully aware of.

We are driven to act by ideas that are not necessarily in line with that which we "consciously" state we wish to experience. I also found it fascinating how the subconscious will do whatever necessary to protect itself against new thoughts or ideas.

For me the message of the movie is the idea that we must "know ourselves" first before any real change or growth can begin. The path to anywhere starts from within.

I'm not sure what others may think or feel, but for me this was the most important message in the film. I would love to talk to you more....we need to get you back on the Show! I will contact you on a date.

Erin McElroy, Co-Host
The Sheri and Erin Show