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Tip#376: Passion, Purpose & People – Tucker: The Man and His Dream

I have many passions that include movies, writing this blog and delicious foods. I also love taking photos and videos that document moments that can be shared with the world. I believe that identifying and living your passions can lead to recognizing your higher purpose in your life and career.

Tony Hsieh In Toronto

Recently I went to see Tony Hsieh, CEO of give a presentation here in Toronto hosted by Ramsay Breakfast. Much like what Hsieh says in his book, Delivering Happiness, he shared key ingredients for a successful business which include instilling passion and a higher purpose within every single area of your work culture. For more see tip#374

The event itself had everything I loved including a beautiful venue, inspiring people and great food. Loved the scrambled eggs and bacon! I also had the pleasure of meeting Bob Ramsay the host of Ramsay Breakfast located in the stunning venue of The Grand Banking Hall inside One King West. I loved taking photos of this event and then share online on Facebook. See photos: Click here

I later emailed a thank you to Mr. Ramsay and mentioned that I loved the scrambled eggs. He responded that he loved the eggs too! This is a prime example about how expressing something you love can connect you with others. I believe this is the highest purpose of passion.

Tucker: The Man and His Dream 1988

The movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream is based on the true story of automobile entrepreneur Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges) who had a passion for inventing. The film focuses on his resilient, optimistic spirit for creating a safer car adding the innovative idea of seat belts.

Despite many adversities such as bad press and interference by the Big Three auto companies the movie shows how Tucker's passion and purpose for creating "the car of tomorrow" garnered unwavering support from his family, mechanic team and other key individuals. In the end, even after he loses his company, Tucker is shown still enthusiastic about inventing something new and exciting.

Share Your Passion

Identifying your passion and sharing it with others can lead you onto an exciting journey. Knowing and expressing your passion can connect you with like-minded people. Living your passion can ultimately reveal the higher purpose for what your mission in life is all about.

Your journey may be a bumpy road but at least your passion and purpose will magnetize supportive relationships. Do your best to stay passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic no matter what comes your way!

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