Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tip#375: Facing Frightening Images – G20 Toronto Pt.6 – Children of Men

There is so much to share about my G20 riot police experience that I am compelled to continue this series of articles so people can learn what really happened on Sunday night June 27th in Toronto.

As I wrote in tip#373 I was bonding with 2 other detainees in the police bus parked outside the detention centre. After about an hour and still soaking wet and in handcuffs we finally drove inside. My fellow detainees began to gasp at what they were seeing through the left side windows. Since the police had taken away my prescription glasses I had to ask the photographer next to me what everyone was seeing.

He asked if I'd seen the movie Children of Men and I said yes. He said that's what he was seeing. There were people in cages like dogs in a dog pound just like in the movie. I could hear them yelling, some crying to be released and some were pleading for water. I wonder if it was a blessing not to clearly see these people suffering in what sounded like a horrific sight.

Children of Men 2006

The movie Children of Men is a dark vision of the year 2027 where women have become infertile. There are no children any where in the world. Illegal immigrants are shown detained in cages throughout the film. It is a disturbing vision of the future and yet there is hope when a man named Theo Faron (Clive Owen) is asked to help the first pregnant woman in decades.

There is a scene where soldiers and insurgents suddenly stop fighting when they hear the baby crying. For a moment there is a profound peace as Theo escorts the mother and child through both factions in deep awe of this tiny, precious baby.


I hope this scene mirrors positive results for the ongoing G20 protests of the police actions towards civilians that weekend in Toronto. I hope there is a profound peace that manifests especially for 100's of other non-protesters like myself that experienced unnecessary pain and suffering at the Queen and Spadina standoff. For now I am discovering the value of the darkness I witnessed through writing these blog articles and sharing my story.

We all witness frightening images at one time or another. They can affect us deeply and shake us up. And then there are times we see beautiful images that lift our spirits. There is value in both and it's up to us to find that value for ourselves.

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