Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tip#351: Who Is The Superhero Within You? – Kick-Ass

At this very moment ALL the pieces of my life, career and business have been tossed up into the air. It's because I've been shaken to the core of all my belief systems from the intensive, 3 day workshop I attended in Toronto 2 weekends ago. It was called MASTERY OF SELF EXPRESSION and it really kicked my ass.

This workshop was originally designed for actors who had lost their passion stemming from the pain of countless auditions and rejections. Some famous names that have participated in this workshop are Woody Harrelson, Ted Danson, Sigourney Weaver, Fisher Stevens, Mary Louise Parker and Marisa Tomei.

The MASTERY workshop helped me unearth factors about myself that were shocking to face. And yet I knew these blocks were the cause of the multiple life changes I've had to make this month. I'm even re-examining the future of this movie blog and my superhero inspired business name, Motivatorman.

Thankfully I was synchronistically led to seeing a new movie that would lift my spirits.

Kick-Ass 2010

The movie Kick-Ass is about an ordinary teenager named Dave (Aaron Johnson) who becomes a real-life superhero named Kick-Ass. However his first attempts to fight crime leave Dave beaten, stabbed and hit by a car. Despite all this brutal realism he demonstrates his desire and commitment for keeping his dream alive.

In one scene Dave is valiantly protecting a man from three attackers and proves that we was willing to die in order to protect a stranger in need. He proved he was willing to do whatever it took to follow his dream.

This scene reminded that there is a superhero in me somewhere waiting to be re-defined. I was inspired to do whatever it took to move forward despite all the uncertainty I face. Once again a movie has helped cut through the anxiety and emotional pain that can paralyze ANYONE dealing with unexpected change or crisis.

Do your best to stay positive and proactive in your own challenges. Be inspired to question your own belief systems holding you back. Question your personal identity and find that superhero within you. Most of all, feel free to kick your own ass in order to move forward in your life!

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Emmanuel Lopez

© Emmanuel Lopez 2010


Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

Motivatorman, I already have a super-hero name: Gal Vanized. I do speaking presentations in costume and help people find their authentic power.

Candice Frederick said...

awesome post! so much fun and so full of live, Kick Ass shatters any mild perception of yourself to propel to greatness

Anonymous said...

Your wrote a good article. Glad your making breakthroughs. I enjoyed the movie a lot as the story shifted often with surprises. You asked my 'super hero name'? = "Paul of the MOUNTAIN".

Paul Kyriaz

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thank you Gal Vanized!

Thank you Paul of the MOUNTAIN!

And thank you Candice! What is your superhero name?


Anonymous said...

i LOVE it!
i already have a super hero name..Super A.

go-blogger said...

Hello, Can you spare your precious time and visit my new blog and share your opinions and thoughts? It will mean so much to me. Thank you.

Journeyman Stories: said...

My Superhero name is The Journeyman.

I love inspiring people on their journey to the dream they have chosen.