Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tip#346: The Power of Collaboration Part 2 – How To Train Your Dragon

One of the reasons I am passionate about social media and social networking is that it's all about cultivating a sense of community on a local and global level. It's about breaking down invisible walls between people and encouraging the power of collaboration.

Social media is helping people share information and learn more about each other on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging. These sites are showing we all have more in common then we do in differences. Seeing each other as allies rather than the enemy or competition is ultimately more productive whether it’s in the workplace or personal life.

How to Train Your Dragon 2010

The animated 3-D movie, How to Train Your Dragon celebrates the power of collaboration on many inspiring levels. Set in a mythical Viking world, a young teen named Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) aspires to become a dragon slayer. After capturing his first dragon he finds that he is unable to kill it and instead is compelled to help and befriend it.

In doing so Hiccup learns more about dragons and their motives and soon they develop a collaborative relationship. They find that together they are stronger and able to accomplish much more then apart. Later that synergistic spirit spreads to Hiccup's friends that once were enemies and then to the entire village.

Develop a mindset for collaboration and you'll discover how quickly you can accomplish your dreams and goals. Develop a team spirit mindset and you'll also be learning more about how differences can become strengths when you focus on working harmoniously together.

We are all living in an exciting new era of collaboration with the online social media world. Let it inspire you to cultivate more meaningful, supportive relationships in your work and life!

Tip#306: The Power of Collaboration – Funny People

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Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

Thanks Motivatorman. Erin and I look forward to collaborating with you via The Sheri and Erin Show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Motivatorman !

Another great inspiration.
You are absolutely right about the power of collaboration.

Enjoy the amazing sunny Sunday !


Head Health Nut said...

Looking forward to seeing this movie, Emmanuel!

Social media IS exciting and it's helping the growth of the entire planet - it's teaching people & companies about true relationships and how to be more collaborative. :)

Steph @ Live