Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tip#350: What Movies Motivate You? – Your Responses #2

Here are more movies that motivate from contacts in my movie lover groups on LinkedIn. These choices demonstrate the diversity and timelessness of films that can affect each of us in meaningful ways.

Chariots of Fire 1981

The story of Eric Liddell, his incredible will and staying true to his belief, even in the face of unbelievable pressure. Perhaps my favorite movie of all time.
Gregg Young
Midland, Michigan, USA

Meatballs 1982

Any time I take myself too seriously or am about to pack it in, I remember Bill Murray's omniscient exhortation, "It just doesn't matter!" So, I say screw it and get back to doing what I really want to do. That's what motivates me most frequently.
Herb Blank
Greater New York State USA

Patton 1970

For me, one big inspirational movie is Patton, pretty much relevant in corporate context. Others include Jerry Maguire, The Pursuit of Happyness, Meet John Doe, Shichinin no Samurai (which teaches a lot about teamwork and leadership models).
Anindya Ray
Bangalore Area, India

Star Wars: A New Hope 1977

The original Star Wars: A New Hope when it first came out. It had that Gosh! Gee Whiz! factor that made me want to go to Film/TV school and made me become a Videographer.
Pancho Tarra
Costa Mesa, CA USA

What movies motivate you? Write back or leave a comment below of what movies have inspired you and why. Also share what city and country you are writing from.

I will be publishing your answers in upcoming blog entries and you'll help inspire other people all around the world!

Emmanuel Lopez

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