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Tip#349: What Movies Motivate You? – Your Responses #1

I am in a state of deep reflection after completing the intensive 3 day workshop in Toronto called MASTERY OF SELF EXPRESSION (see tip#348). It will take me awhile to articulate my profound experience of facing deep rooted blocks.

Thank you everyone who wrote in about your favourite films. Here is a selection of 4 movies that motivate from readers of this blog.

Flashdance 1983

"i always thought Flashdance was inspirational. cheesy but i just love how she fights for a dream and actually attains despite great adversity."
Candice Frederick
Queens NY USA
Blog: Reel Talk

Peaceful Warrior 2006

Movie: Peaceful Warrior,
Why: I learned to live in the moment and detach from any outcome
Patrick B.: Toronto Canada
Blog: Journeyman Stories

Now Voyager 1942

"The movie that has always motivated me is Now Voyager with Bette Davis. She breaks free from the negative self-image that was imposed upon her by her family and herself to blossom into a beautiful and generous woman. In the end, it is her strength and generosity that allows her to make a sacrifice that will ensure her a greater love."
Milwaukee, WI USA

Silkwood 1983

"The movie that has always sparked something within me is Silkwood with Cher, Meryl Streep and Kurt Russell. Yes, I realize that this might be an odd movie for one to be motivated by but it wasn't just the movie that inspired me, it was the theatre in which we saw it that made it special.

I was visiting my sister in a town called Invermere, British Columbia. We saw the movie in a small old theatre from the 60's. Everything was vintage and had all the old chairs and decoration. The movie was not my favorite one of all, but for some reason the experience of watching a movie in a time warp became an inspiration all on its own. I do love Cher though."
Dave Larsen
Toronto Canada

What movies motivate you? Write back or leave a comment below of what movies have inspired you and why. Also share what city and country you are writing from.

I will be publishing your answers in upcoming blog entries and you'll help inspire other people all around the world!

Emmanuel Lopez

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