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Tip#345: 2 Key Tips for Job Seekers - The Terminal

Job and career transitions can be life changing, emotional experiences especially when they come out of nowhere. And yet there is great learning and personal development that can blossom from these adversities. Resourcefulness and collaboration are 2 important keys.

After I discovered The Washington Post had featured my blog during my own career transition, I was able to use social media to track down the writer, Vickie Elmer. I found her on LinkedIn and thanked her for writing the article. Recently she asked if I could contribute movie recommendations for job seekers on her own blog called Working Kind. See here

I recommended Cinderella Man and The Shawshank Redemption as powerful movies that can inspire job seekers. These titles are among others I am currently writing articles on as the new Toronto Career Transitions Examiner on See here

It was exciting to be able to collaborate with someone like Vickie who helped make a big difference during my career transition. And it reminded me of another favourite movie that is highly motivational for anyone going through a job or career change.

The Terminal 2004

Steven Spielberg's film, The Terminal is filled with tips to encourage and inspire job seekers. Based on a true story, Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) is thrown into a situation where he is forced to live within the confines of a NYC airport.

With no money, no English and no one he knows to help him, Viktor shows how resourceful one can be in the face of unexpected adversity. You see how he makes himself a bed, discover methods of collecting change so he can eat and you see how he teaches himself to speak English from television monitors and guide books from the airport book store.

When Viktor demonstrates his skill sets in construction he is immediately given a paid job within an area being redeveloped in the terminal. He soon cultivates many collaborative friendships within the airport where they all help one another achieve certain goals and dreams.

So if you find yourself in a job or career transition remember to see it as an opportunity to increase your resourcefulness and supportive relationships. Choose to see your transition as a time to learn new methods and tools to proactively achieve your goals AND collaborate effectively.

Any situation can be a blessing in disguise once you develop an optimistic mindset and see the hidden gifts within.

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Great suggestions. It's definitely true that movies can inspire!