Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tip#294: Be Determined – The Blue Butterfly

Determined: Having one's mind made up; unwavering.

As I write this I am determined to solve a financial challenge before the end of working day today. This is where I will put into full practice everything I have been writing about in my blog. And that is to stay passionate, energized and believe in my optimistic mindset.

There comes a time in your life or career when you are faced with impossible barriers or roadblocks. Developing an optimistic mindset allows you to see this obstacle free of any negative emotions. It's because you have trained yourself to have faith in your abilities and be determined to overcome any challenge.

The Blue Butterfly

The movie The Blue Butterfly inspires determination and faith. Based on a true story, a Canadian boy named Pete is terminally ill with cancer and has one final wish to find a special butterfly called the Blue Morpho. His determination convinces one entomologist to take him into the jungles of Costa Rica.

At first the entomologist (William Hurt) refuses this boy's request but Pete never gave up asking. And even in the jungle when all seemed hopeless his faith was unwavering. He not only finds this magical butterfly he also leaves the jungle cured of his cancer.

The amazing thing is that this cure happened to the real boy (David Marenger). I like to believe that it was his faith in pursuing his dream that empowered his spirit, mind and body. It was his mindset that made the impossible become possible.

This movie and mindset concept is what I am going to think about to fill me with positive emotional energy and believe I will accomplish my goal for today. I have unwavering faith.

So remember that anything that appears impossible is only a mindset. Believe that you can transform these thoughts by being passionate about what you want in your life or career. Fill yourself with "feel good" energy and that will empower your positive mindset.

Be determined to go after what you want. I'll be rooting for you and so will others around you!

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Ian said...

Thanks for the inspiration today. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie but now I think I'll definitely give it a watch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this movie with me. It looks great. I am going to rent it.


Head Health Nutter said...

We're rooting for you, too, Emmanuel!

And thank you for showing us that it's possible to remain optimistic throughout difficult challenges.

Controlling emotions and thoughts are a true test of one's mental ability. Keep up the good work! :)