Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tip#292: The 1st Key to Success is Living Your Passion – Mrs. Doubtfire

The key to success in your career and life centers on identifying and living your passions. What you love AND love to do is the core factor for magnetizing your dreams and goals.

I am excited to announce that I have designed a new website for It was truly an eye-opening exercise in redefining my services and articulating a brand identity with even more sizzle. And it is the result of months of focusing my passion for how I can help others achieve their own dreams and goals. See website:

A big thanks to everyone that's been advising me especially to a5MEDIA for the business brand analysis I received before the summer. Their expertise helped me look inwards at my "corporate soul" and think carefully about my original career goals and what I loved most about my profession. And since I have many passions I needed to take a passion check and identify the core of these passions.

Mrs. Doubtfire 1993

A movie with a strong underlying message about living your passions is Mrs. Doubtfire. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is an eccentric actor specializing in voicing cartoon characters. When he loses his job and experiences challenges as a separated father wanting to see more of his kids, Daniel becomes their nanny by transforming himself into an elderly British woman named Euphegenia Doubtfire.

The scene that exemplifies successful results from demonstrating your passion is when Daniel is working as a shipping clerk at a television studio. He secretly starts clowning around with toy dinosaurs on a TV show set unleashing his natural creative skills. His creative expression IS his passion.

The CEO of the television studio happens to be passing by and sees Daniel's passion in action. He loves what he sees so much that he offers Daniel a job hosting a children's TV show.

Do A Passion Check

So if you find yourself in a career transition or simply feeling stuck in your career or life it's time for you to do a passion check. It's time to take inventory of what you love and love doing and integrate it somehow into your career and life.

There are many ways to rediscover your passions. Look back at what you loved doing as a child and see if there are connections to what you are doing today either in your spare time or at work.

Look at the topics of your favourite magazines and newspaper sections you are compelled to read on a regular basis. Be aware of your favourite websites that you are compelled to go to on a daily or weekly basis. These are examples of passions!

Your passions and personal interests hold the key to a career and life you will truly enjoy. Take a step today to identify something you love to do.

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Candice Frederick said...

good advice. and very timely given the state of our economy and national morale.

Head Health Nutter said...

Candice is SO right and has a flair for optimism!

Losing your job might be a blessing in disguise because if you're brave enough to do some soul searching, you can look to your passions to CREATE work for yourself. Maybe even find a way to jump out of bed in the morning to say, "I'm off to work today, yay!"

Congrats on clarifying your passions and creating a business around them, Emmanuel! looks great and I can see how people will be attracted to your services.

We all need passion and optimism in our lives and thank you for being there to share all that you've learned. :)