Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tip#287: Activate Your Innate Courage – The Tale of Despereaux

Courage: The state of mind or quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.

It's been sunny for days here in Toronto. I've had a great week and a fantastic start to my business for the fall season. Speaker bookings have been flowing and new clients have been initiated. Opportunities continue to come my way. And despite a challenging summer it's due to tapping into my innate mindset of optimism and courage.

We are all born with positive mindsets that just need to be activated. The challenge is that most of us were programmed at an early age NOT accept or express the power within us. We were NOT encouraged to be the strong, courageous souls that we truly are.

That's why there are many motivational resources available to help encourage you to be the best you can be. Reprogramming your mind with resources like the ones I've been using (see tip#271: Getting To The Core) is the key to achieving the success you desire. Thankfully we also have cinematic role models to help remind you of your hidden strengths and abilities.

The Tale of Despereaux

Based on a children's fantasy book, The Tale of Despereaux is an animated film with a fantastic cinematic role model in the title hero. Despereaux is a young mouse who was born fearless and with his eyes literally wide-open to the world's wonders.

While other mice were expected to be fearful of life, Despereaux feared nothing. In fact all the adult mice were so worried about his "unusual" situation that they embark on programming him to "cower". This absurdity punctuates the sad truth of what happens to humans consciously or unconsciously growing up.

But as the narrator says, though he was small even by mice standards, in his own mind Despereaux was a giant. This is a great message for the visualizing techniques you can learn to unleash your inner strengths. Picture what it is that you want and believe it deeply despite what others tell you.

So activate your innate courage to face your challenges and fears. You were born with courage. Activate your optimistic mindset that allows you to SEE the positives in the negatives in front of you. You have what it takes inside you to move forward with confidence.

Remember that success begins with your thoughts so that's where the steps to success begins. Think courageous thoughts and YOU ARE courageous!

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
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Head Health Nutter said...

Great post, Emmanuel! Fear is the only thing that stands in our way of getting what we want. Thank you for reminding us that we already have courage, we just need to activate it. :)

Oh, and thank you for referring Dr. Robert Anthony to me. I've been listening to him for about a week now and feel FANTASTIC!