Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tip#222: The Riches Within Adversity – Slumdog Millionaire

Sometimes the answers you seek to move forward in life are buried in the traumas and adversities of your past. Do you have the courage to face it?

Looking back over the years to my breakdown and depression of 2000 I can see a big part of my journey since was to deprogram old habits of thinking. These old blocks or paradigms were keeping me from moving forward in many areas of my life and career.

And for some people these destructive belief systems are born out of traumatic experiences growing up.

So when you learn to develop an optimistic mindset you can look back and see the silver lining of these negative events. Those negative experiences can somehow be harnessed to improve your life or career today.

Slumdog Millionaire

I had a special conversation with someone last week who shared powerful insights that there was still a block inside me that I needed to identify. Deep down I knew she was right and made it my priority to find answers to what it was.

The next day I called upon synchronicity and was guided to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It just won best picture at the Golden Globe awards and had generated a lot of buzz when it had its world premiere here at the Toronto International Film Festival last September.

This powerful film demonstrates how one's negative experiences as a child can become the keys to success and abundance later in life.

Set in India, a young man amazes everyone with knowing all the answers on the Indian version of the game show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" What unfolds is a story of his childhood and how traumatic experiences were connected to answers for the questions in the game show.

He was able to unearth the positives from the negatives in his life and transform them into riches and success!

See the Answers

The images and messages of this movie has stayed with me now for days. I can feel something deep inside me shifting and I know it is the answers I am seeking to catapult me towards my goals.

So if you are feeling stuck in your life be inspired to know that there is a silver lining to negative experiences of your past. It takes courage to face events that have hurt you and the rewards could be great.

These negative events are like anchors weighing you down today. Once you face, embrace and release these anchors you become free. There are riches within adversity. Do your very best to see the answers already within you!

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009

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The Divine Miss White said...

Turning the rough lead of our negative experience into golden opportunities is the work of an alchemist.