Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tip#215: Blow Open Old Ways of Thinking - The Day After Tomorrow

Without warning things in life can suddenly change. It can shake up everything you're sure about and push your comfort zones.

It's been mostly sunny during my vacation here in Las Vegas. But out of the blue a huge snowstorm hit on Wed. Dec.17th. It was such a new concept for me because I've never seen snow here let alone a blizzard.

And apparently countless people living in Vegas were also shocked by their first snowstorm ever. And driving at night was scary with snow turning to slush on the roads. But what was most frightening were some of the drivers around me were driving with snow covering their entire back windshield!

I later talked to the locals who had never driven in snow before and they felt like they were driving for the first time. It was a shocking new world to them and some probably didn't even consider wiping off the back of their windshields before driving.

Their paradigms, or old ways of thinking, were being blown wide open. Their mindsets were shaken up. And this is exactly what happens when unexpected change or crisis happens in your life or career. You are forced to expand old ways of thinking and adapt.

The Day After Tomorrow

I'm reminded of similar messages of change told in the action adventure film, The Day After Tomorrow starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid. In the story a new ice age hits the planet and weather patterns shift wildly. Tornadoes hit Los Angeles and then a tidal wave drowns New York City. Soon the temperature drops and snow falls in record amounts in places it never did before.

All the characters of the story are forced to change their old paradigms of thinking and learn to deal with the weather changes. The heroes do not focus on the negatives, they focus on opening their minds to adapt and persevere.

Years ago people thought the world was flat or that man could never fly. And some thought they'd never live to see a black man as president of the United States. History reminds us all that paradigms are always changing.

So keep an open mind whenever unexpected storms hit your life. Adapt to ever-changing weather patterns. Stay optimistic during economic instability. The world is always evolving so do your very best to have a flexible, adaptable mind.



Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008


NinK said...

I arrived by accident to your blog and woww... I loved it.... I was like in that ugly mood and well.. you left me thinking...
anyways Ill be visiting here more often though..
Great holidays!!

Lilith Bathory said...

Good evening;

I'm glad to find your blog; seems i'm going to need time to discover the diamonds between the pearls, and i hope you allow me to do so...

Thanks for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Emmanuel,

Snow in Vegas...just when you thought it was safe. LOL. Oh Mother Nature, Global Warming who would of thunk it.

Deborah D.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that's amazing Emannuel! I wish snow would just as easily disappear here too!

Happy solstice!