Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tip#210: Unleash Your Expertize – Galaxy Quest

Everyone is an expert in something. Deep down we are all born with a skill or gift we are meant to share with the world. All you have to do is unleash your expertize when you are called to do so.

Galaxy Quest

Recently I watched a favourite movie called Galaxy Quest. It is an entertaining parody of the original Star Trek TV show and is also a motivating story about using your innate skills. It features the actors of a starship crew in a cancelled science fiction show called Galaxy Quest. The fun comes from seeing these actors suddenly thrust into a real galactic encounter with aliens and spaceships where they need to play their roles for real.

Tim Allen plays a self-centered, egotistical actor and the commander on the TV show who learns the true meaning of being an affective leader. After being thrown into the real crisis situation his leadership skills transcend from a make believe role into becoming a true commander.

As the story unfolds he becomes more and more encouraging of the team when each is called to do their part. The actor playing the helmsman is able to pilot a huge starship for the first time because the commander tells him he believes in him. At first the helmsman thinks it impossible but finds the courage to take action despite his fear.

And when the actor/engineer is called to use his skills and knowledge to save the commander he panics and refuses to do anything. Once again it is the trust and encouragement from the commander and everyone around him that allows him to unleash his innate talents and take action.

Strength In Times of Crisis

So see this as a mirror for the strengths, skills and gifts you have inside you. Sometimes your true strengths and expertize can come out in times of crisis. That's why many successful individuals in the world discover what they are truly made of when faced with adversity.

When your back is up against a wall your spirit can tap into a primal energy that can release your expertize. Tap into this energy and take action! And when you know others believe in you, your self-confidence will shoot up into the heavens!

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

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Thx for your upbeat motivational message, it makes a difference to my life!