Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tip#209: Clear Your Head – Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

When you get stuck you are either at a dead end with options or overloaded with choices or thoughts. Either way it is important to just clear your head.

After a busy week at work my mind was just crammed full of thoughts and things I wanted to work on. I felt heavy and unfocused. It's like my inner hard drive had so many programs running that it was overloading the operating system in my head. In these cases I usually take a walk to clear my head but it wasn't enough.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

To my surprised I was guided to see the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. As the story unfolded I just watched with my heavy thoughts still clogging my brain. But then the 4 young heroes are magically whisked away from England to the magical lands of Narnia. They were brought to a stunning, sunny beach taking my imagination with them!

I was amazed to feel so transformed by the sight of a delicious turquoise sea and exotic landscapes. My mind joined in with the joy of the kids laughing and splashing in the warm waters. These sights and sounds automatically shut down my inner hard drive for a much needed rest!

It was a breathtaking feeling of freedom in my mind like a weight was lifted off. And as the story continued in this mythic land of Narnia more colours and scenery drenched my visual senses. So for over 2 hours I treated myself to giving my mind a break and re-energizing spirit at the same time.

Visual Vacations

Afterwards I researched the locations I'd just experienced. The gorgeous beach scene was filmed in Cathedral Cove in New Zealand while other rich, scenic locations included Prague, Switzerland and Slovenia. So through the magic of movies I was able to take a visual vacation that made me feel much better and more focused to enjoy my weekend!

Sometimes you just have to disengage from whatever your mind is working on. It can also be a trap trying to "think" your way out of being stuck. The key is to disengage your thought process and give your inner hard-drive a rest.

That's why holidays like Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are great opportunities to take a break from work. You will feel more rested and focused as a gift for bringing some balance to your work/live life.

Take time to treat yourself to a non work-related pastime and your inner computer will thank you big time!

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