Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tip#202: All Things Are Possible - Rocky II

Sometimes it can take a great story, movie or a real life hero to help you remember that all things are possible.

As I write this Barack Obama has just made history being appointed the first black American president. I've also been resting for past few days letting my throat heal after losing my voice last week. See tip#201.

Looking back I am amazed that I was able to fight through my physical challenges of my sore throat and complete all my speaker bookings. And watching the news last night to see Obama give his acceptance speech reminded me that anything was possible. It was exiting to see another example of what one person's passion and persistence can achieve.

Rocky II

While this history making event was occurring I had just finished watching Rocky II that was airing on TV. I hadn't seen this movie in countless years and I had forgotten how great it was. The story had all the elements of what passion and persistence can achieve.

The story takes place right after the first Rocky film and revolves around Rocky Balboa being pressured to fight Apollo Creed again in the ring. At first it almost seems impossible because Balboa had lost his edge after he honors his wife's wishes to not fight anymore.

But once he gets the support of his old manager Mickey, the people of his hometown and finally his wife, Balboa re-ignited his passion and inner focus to face his challenge and win. The ending got me so pumped up I couldn't wait to get back to work motivating others!

Get Inspired

So remember no matter how bleak your future looks or how challenging life can get, there will always be stories out there to inspire you. Find those real life heroes that excite you who have persisted and achieved their goals. Find those movie heroes that fight with passion to overcome overwhelming barriers.

Stories of heroes are there to remind you of your own hidden potential. You just have to get off your butt and take the necessary steps to get what you want out of life, your job or your career. Stories are there to remind you that all things are possible!

"You're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder!"
Rocky's manager Mickey
Rocky II

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