Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tip#206: Magical Coincidences – The Rainmaker

Sometimes the things you really need in life fall right into your lap. And after dealing with life's challenges it's good to know that the universe can give us a break once in awhile by sending us the help we need.

Meeting the right people at the right time has always been a magical experience for me. This blog is a way to document these amazing stories. It's why I believe in synchronicity because "meaningful coincidences" happen all the time in my life and career. And they can happen to you too if you are open to chance encounters and maintain an optimistic attitude.

And when I feel down or lost I'm always guided to watching the perfect movie to remind me that synchronistic opportunities will unfold again. All I have to do is switch on my optimistic mindset.

The Rainmaker

In the movie The Rainmaker, Matt Damon plays a young lawyer named Rudy Baylor. He has a calm confidence about him and it is amazing to see how many opportunities fall into place whenever he needed them.

For example, when he needed a job he met the right person at the right time. And when he was homeless and needed a place to stay it fell right into his lap when he noticed a flat behind the client's home he was just leaving from.

I believe Rudy's good luck came from an inner confidence that radiated a positive energy. That energy was magnetic. And because he had a heart of gold and wanted to help others in trouble that positive, magnetic energy was working for him behind the scenes. It's the law of attraction in action.

In Real Life

So remember that movies can reflect how opportunities unfold magically in real life. Everyone has stories of how things just come together so think back to when you've faced troubles in the past. Remember how you were able to overcome that challenge by meeting the right person with helpful advice or gravitating to a location that had the answers you were looking for.

Synchronicities have already helped you in the past so never doubt those magical coincidences. Be confident in knowing that help or opportunities will always be waiting around the corner for you to find.

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