Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tip#214: Zappos Inspires, Part 2 – Patch Adams

Part 2: Every Person Is Special

Success in the workplace and in life can be attributed to the quality of how well you treat others.

On Dec. 15th Zappos achieved a new record day in sales of over $6 million. The day after I was lucky to be at the Zappos offices for a second time to see continued celebrations among the Zappos team. People were high-fiving and congratulating one another with zesty enthusiasm.

Every single person there is seen as having been a part of that record day success. Everyone is part of one big supportive team.

The Zappos primary mission is to provide the best customer service. To do that they focus on getting the work culture right. Their bottom line IS their people. And part of their approach is very different from the standards of many organizations today.

For example:

1. Job interviews are a 2 part process. They go through a standard job skills evaluation and if accepted still have to go through another process to see if their values fit into Zappos culture. They hire for attitude first.

2. All employees at head office in Las Vegas are sent to the warehouse location in Kentucky and visa versa to learn what other Zappos team members do. Everyone is considered equal at Zappos including the CEO and their customers.

3. Call centre reps have no scripts, no measurement of average call times, no recordings. Their goal is to provide a memorable customer experience even if the customer doesn't order anything.

Patch Adams 1998

One movie I am reminded about when it comes to treating people well is Patch Adams starring Robin Williams. Based on a true story, Adams shook up the medical establishment with his unique methods for treating patients with humour.

Adams then went out on his own to create a new centre for patients unable to afford medical attention. Other medical students believed in Adam's vision and were quick to follow and build a new, exciting work culture. The centre was called the Gesundheit! Institute and since the 70's has treated over 15,000 patients without payment or medical insurance.

Make Others Feel Good

So be inspired by the values of a work culture focused on giving the best customer service possible. Be inspired to blur the lines of a work/life attitude for making others feel good wherever you are.

There is an empowering sense of equality that comes from how Zappos treats its company team and how they in turn treat their customers. Each and every person IS special and that is one of the biggest messages any company or anyone could experience!

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Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
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Anonymous said...

I am glad you got the true feeling of what it is like to
work here at Zappos! We are truly lucky to work here!

Lauren G.
Merchandising Assistant-Rideshop

Anonymous said...

I think this is great!
It's a great movie! And it's great way to describe how inspiration surrounds us at Zappos.

Pam C.

Anonymous said...

Wow..! Its really great that on 15th December Zappos achieved a new record day in sales of over $6 million.