Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tip#173: Be Open To Synchronistic Messages - P.S. I Love You

The universe is always sending you signs and clues to accelerate you towards what you want in life. Just stay open to the synchronistic messages that fall into your lap.

P.S. I Love You

I always wanted to see the movie called P.S. I Love You because I loved the poster and the concept that a loved one who's died can continue to help you. I didn't see the movie when it was released partly because of the overwhelming poor reviews it received. Now I know it was just timing because I just saw it and it made a positive impact at the right time.

The movie does have its flaws but does have its strengths. It is an unusual love story starring Hilary Swank as Holly who struggles to get over the death of her husband Gerry played by Gerard Butler. Before Gerry died he planned 10 letters to be sent to Holly to help her deal with his death and plan a new life. The movie was a powerful message about receiving messages.

Synchronicity is all about identifying meaningful coincidences. Gerry's messages were like a metaphor for synchronicity and for how the universe is always in action sending you signs and clues to help you towards your goals. You just have to be open and act upon the signs that appear.

Acting on Signs

I finally saw P.S. I Love You only after a friend said how much she enjoyed the movie. I asked why and she said because it's a story about self-discovery. The way my friend said that simple explanation triggered something inside me alerting me that it was time to watch this movie. It was a sign.

What unfolded was an entertaining movie experience that also did what my passion for movies always does. I was filled with positive emotional energy. It lifted my spirit and reminded me that synchronicities are real and always helping me to move as fast as I can towards my dreams and goals.

Stay Alert

So stay alert in your own life for signs and clues that are answering the questions you've been thinking about. Remember that your mind is powerful and telegraphing your thoughts out into the world. It is sending out calls for help and the universe is always responding.

Stay open to the synchronistic messages that come to you. Take action for the direction it points you towards. Have faith that these unknown directions are where you are meant to go. Have courage and you'll take a big leap forward in discovering your full potential.

"Look for it. Find that thing that makes you like nobody else. I'll help. Look for a sign."
A letter from Gerry to Holly
P.S. I Love You

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist & Motivational Wingman
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