Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tip#174: Trust Your Inner Voice - The Happening - Hancock

Do you find that sometimes you are swayed from doing what you want by people around you? You allow others to tell you what is good for you even when you knew it wasn't. Your inner voice was talking to you but you chose not to listen. Over time you will realize that your inner voice is the voice you are meant to always trust.

This summer has been full of exciting movies. Some I've looked forward to seeing but allowed poor reviews to sway me away. Thankfully my inner voice won out and directed me to see these films.

The Happening

One of these movies was writer and director M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. I am so glad I didn't let the reviews convince me not to see this film because I enjoyed it on many levels. As the director described in interviews the film is like a high-end B-movie, a low-budget thriller/horror movie that would have played in a double feature in the past.

The story is about a family on the run from a crisis threatening humanity on a large scale. The violence and gore is depicted as both horrific and comedic as the mystery of the threat unfolds. The movie also deals with how society would respond to a mass crisis when the cause is not clearly defined.

And yet at the real core of this film is the relationship of the couple played by Mark Walberg and Zooey Deschanel. The humour and heart they bring to this dark story is what makes this movie powerful and uplifting.


Another movie that got mixed reviews was Hancock starring Will Smith. This is a superhero movie with a different angle. Smith plays a superhero addicted to alcohol and struggling with destructive personal issues. The film is a mix of action, comedy and a serious look at a person who has lost his sense of purpose.

And like The Happening, Hancock is ultimately about people. This is not a typical superhero movie with a typical Hollywood ending and yet there are powerful and positive messages there if you allow yourself to hear the inner voice of the movie.

Hear The Core Messages

At the core of both these movies what shines through are the relationships about love and sacrifice. They are not typical Hollywood movies and that is the silver lining. These movies will take you where you least expected and provide little nuggets of gold to think about. Those nuggets could be what your inner voice was leading you to in the first place.

So listen to your inner voice when it is leading you to see certain movies or towards new and unknown directions in your life (see more in previous tip#173). Don't let others dictate what is good or not good for you.

Do listen to what others have to say and in the end choose what you feel is right for you. Learn to trust your inner voice and your own life story will unfold into a real action adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Emmanuel! I wanted to see both these movies but haven't yet because of others' poor opinions. Your positive review allows me to believe that maybe they are worth my time.

And thank you for the reminder!

It's easier to listen to what other people suggest, rather than trust yourself to know the right answer. That is, the right answer for you.