Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tip#170: Take Control of Your Life Now! - Wanted

Are you sick about the life you are leading? Are you tired of being walked all over at work? Feel stuck about doing anything about it? Well sometimes you need an explosive kick in your ass to make a positive change.

A Shot of Testosterone

The Millionaire Mind Intensive I recently attended (see tip#169) was a real kick in my pants that catapulted me into facing my sub-conscious blocks and pushed me out of my comfort zone. When they called it intensive they mean intensive! It was like getting a shot of testosterone from the back-to-back schedule of the personal development program and the energetic trainers on stage.

Creator of the program, T. Harv Eker was full of assertive energy with a voice that exploded in volume and intensity whenever he was making a point in his speeches. He was like a spiritual drill sergeant and I knew my soul needed to hear and feel the vibration of his aggressive teachings.

I knew my life and career needed this testosterone to shake up my sub-conscious barriers so I could get to work transforming my old mindsets and accelerate successes in my career. It's like what I wrote about of my energizing trip to New York City back in September (see tip#90). Sometimes you need a shot of testosterone energy to jump start your inner drive.


So it was deeply uncanny that I chose to see the new movie Wanted recently starring Angelina Jolie and Jame McAvoy because it mirrored the testosterone shot I am writing about. This is a riveting, high action movie with much violence and profanity that will also make you think about getting unstuck in your own life. It is the most unlikely yet thought provoking self-help movie because of its action movie nature.

The hero Wesley, played by McAvoy, is introduced to us as one of the many workers within a corporation who doesn't have the courage to stand up to his abusive boss, his life-draining job or his cheating girlfriend. Then he gets a chance to change his life by getting pushed out of his comfort zones.

Wesley was thrown into new training that is highly unorthodox and yet highly effective. At one point he is pushed mentally and physically over the edge to finally admit, "I don't know who I am." His trainers were pleased because now he was an "empty cup" ready to be reprogrammed to release his true gifts, self-confidence and sense of purpose. He was now at the start of taking control of his life.

Break Out Now

So let this movie or other motivational resources push you and trigger your passion energy. Remember passion is a strong feeling or emotion like love or anger that can jump start you to take control of your own life. Let yourself get sick and tired of all the problems that are sucking the life out of you.

Know that you can break out of a lifetime of negative habits if you have the guts to do something about it. And know that breaking out of your comfort zone could ultimately lead to an alternate life full of new experiences, new joy and a new, exhilarating sense of purpose!

"Why do they call you The Repairman?"
Wesley (to one of his trainers in Wanted)

"Because I repair a lifetime of habits."


Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2008

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Anonymous said...

I love Angelina Jolie she's a gifted actress and drop dead gorgeous to boot. This movie is on my must see list.