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Tip#134: You Can Bounce Back - Resiliency - Pixar's Boundin'

There is something inspiring from hearing stories of individuals who have bounced back from debilitating life experiences. Whether it is from a real-life story or even in the movies we can be motivated to see our own hidden strengths.


There was a recent article in The National Post called Leaps & Rebounds that looked at resiliency. It pointed out how different each of us copes with low points in our lives. Psychologist and author Beth Millertalks about the genes that we inherit that can determine how susceptible we are to hard times.

Both Miller and Dr. Myriam Mongrain, of York University's psychology department, agree that there are also ways of cultivating resiliency. I found this article deeply encouraging because I've learned the hard way of discovering personal methods that helped me move forward during dark times.

And it's true that people can be taught to cope more constructively. It's been my calling in life to document my methods for overcoming challenges in my life and I've witnessed how the participants in my seminars are hungry to learn what has worked for me.

Boundin' (2003)

Movies have been a powerful tool for motivating my inner drive to keep moving forward. One inspiring example came as an animated short that showed before the main feature of the animated film, The Incredibles. It was called Boundin'and was a whimsical story about a lamb who is having a happy life and then is suddenly depressed because his fur had been sheered off.

With the help of a wise passerby he learns to bounce back on his feet, literally! With colourful animal characters, an uplifting song and lyrical dialogue this short film is one resource guaranteed to lift you up when you're feeling down.

Watch it now: Boundin'

So in a life full of ups and downs always remember that you can learn to be more optimistic and stay energized. Remember that resilience is a strength within you and sometimes needs attention to be developed just like a muscle. Take time to look inside yourself and see how powerful you truly are.

“Now sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, When you find that you’re down well just look around: You still got a body, good legs and fine feet, Get your head in the right place and hey, you’re complete!” 
Pixar’s Boundin’ (2003)

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Anonymous said...

I like your tips so much and wait for them. They have helped me so much.
I want to thank you not only for the tips but also for the great article as well which i just read it.

Saira B

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emmanuel. You have made my day. I truly needed to hear that!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel!

Once again, your posts are well timed.

I just went through a fairly traumatic experience - a hot bath episode left me looking like I lost a boxing match with Ali's daughter.

So far, I've been coping pretty well but every now and again, I'll burst into tears. Mainly because of my ego and so I'm not down for long. I have to remind myself that it could have been much worse - I could be dead right now!

Thanks so much for your post, Emmanuel. You've reminded me that it's not what happens to us that determines who we are but it's how we react to those circumstances.

I'll keep on smiling not despite my broken teeth but BECAUSE of them! I'm alive - yippee!

Anonymous said...

I can see that you are doing some amazing stuff with people and have developed a very important outlet for people via the Net.

I also am going through a very difficult time now in my personal life, so reading the stuff on Resiliency really hit home for me now and made me appreciate the things that are really important to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Emmanuel,

Thanks for taking the time to contact me and so happy that the interview, Leaps and Rebounds, helped. It is great to know about your work; it is upbeat and fun and helpful. I wish you the best, in all the areas of your life. And another thanks for adding my book to your link. (My second book, Getting a Bigger Life: from the inside out) is in my publisher’s hands right now)!


Beth Miller