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Tip#131: Share Your Favourite Romantic Movies - 10 More Movie Tips

It's amazing what happens when you share your personal interests with the world. You end up connecting with like-minded people and realizing you are not alone in your interests.

In my last tip I shared my top 10 romantic movies list and it generated a number of responses via email and in my blog comments section. Some people had the same favourites on their own lists while I learned about more movies I hadn't seen before like Besiegedand The Notebook.

What I also learned from seeing other people's movie lists was that they reminded me I had more favourites that meant a lot to me. So I must share them here!

Top 20 Favourite Romantic Movies:
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You've Got Mail:Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks
Meet Joe Black:Claire Forlani & Brad Pitt
Titanic:Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio
The American President: Annette Bening & Michael Douglas
Kate and Leopold:Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman
The Lake House:Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves
Laws of Attraction:Julianne Moore & Pierce Brosnan
The Family Man:Tea Leoni & Nicolas Cage
It's A Wonderful Life:Donna Reed & James Stewart
Music and Lyrics:Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant

Even with this list I am still leaving out a few meaningful favourites. What matters is that I've once again put out to the world movies that mean something to me. And by doing so will connect with even more people around the world reading this.

So take action and share with others your personal interests that you care about. Don't be afraid of being laughed at or criticized for what you like or love. See this as an exercise in building your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Always remember that what you love has value. Your personal interests have value. No matter how many people tell you differently hold strong to those things in your life that you feel a strong personal connection with. This is what knowing your self-worth is all about. Realize all that you value HAS value.

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