Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tip#132: Keep Your Mind Wide Open - Bridge To Terabithia - The Last Mimzy

Most challenges we come across usually starts in our minds. It is mostly ourselves that makes things difficult by thinking negative thoughts like "I can't". Keeping an open mind is the first step to overcoming your obstacles in life.

Bridge To Terabithia

The idea of keeping an open mind is the theme in the family movie Bridge To Terabithia.It's a magical story of an artistic boy named Jesse who opens his imagination with the help of a new classmate named Leslie. Their secret place in a nearby forest then begins to fill with fantastic creatures that help them face their fears.

By opening up his imagination, Jesse is able to deal with challenges in his real life. He was now open to new possibilities and options for facing his troubles with family members and bullies at school.

The Last Mimzy

The Last Mimzyis another fantasy movie for the family that explores keeping your mind wide open. In fact it puts out the idea of how far we can use the power of our minds. It's the story of 2 siblings named Noah and Emma that find a mysterious box filled with unusual items and a stuffed rabbit named Mimzy.

With the help of these powerful items Noah and Emma begin to use dormant areas of their brain to develop special mind powers. They were able to do this because they were kids and were still open and playful with new concepts.

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So whenever you are faced with a challenge in life do your best to keep your mind wide open. Keep a state of play in your attitude and then you will see new options. Fear in your mind can paralyze new possibilities. To prevent this just remember the unlimited imagination of children and new doors will magically appear to lead you out of your troubles!

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
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Head Health Nut said...

Thanks so much for this post, Emmanuel!

Check this out for synchronicity: I read it right after arguing (good heartedly) with my Mom.

She had been complaining about her current circumstances and when I offered possible solutions, she shot each one of them down with reasons why they wouldn't work.

We switched the subject and said goodbye. I read this post right after and just had to call her up again o read it to her.

She loves movies and owns Bridge to Tarabithia. We talked about the movie and through your post, I was able to connect with her. Her mind opened right up and I think she might now be able to try some of the possible solutions we had just talked about.

Thanks, Emmanuel, for the new ideas and reminders that you present in your blog posts. They certainly help make life easier by offering a different and brighter perspective.