Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tip#130: Be A Hopeful Romantic - 10 Movie Tips

Believing in something you want can be a challenge when it takes much longer then you expected. That's why we get motivated to keep moving forward when we see or hear examples of what we want. Especially when it comes to love.

Valentine's Day is back and once again I don't have a special sweetie to celebrate with. I'm not feeling down because I still believe she is out there and that we will find each other. What keeps me optimistic are my favourite romantic movies.

My Top 10 Romantic Movies:
Notting Hill:Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant
Groundhog Day:Andie MacDowell & Bill Murray
50 First Dates:Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler
Serendipity:Kate Keckinsale & John Cusack
Stranger Than Fiction:Maggie Gyllenhaal & Will Ferrell
Enchanted:Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey
Spider-Man 2:Kirsten Dunst & Tobey Maguire
Thomas Crown Affair:Renee Russo & Pierce Brosnan
Jerry Maguire:Renee Zellweger & Tom Cruise
Love Actually:A star studded cast!

So be a hopeful romantic not a hopeless romantic! If you are still looking for love keep believing it will happen for you. Celebrate love when you see a loving couple walking by you. Be happy for anyone around you who you know are in love. That gracious act will generate a positive energy within you that radiates out. It's magnetic and others will feel it too.

And be inspired by your favourite romantic movie couples. They could be mirrors for what will happen to you. Let their love fill you with optimism and the energy to keep moving forward towards your soul mate. Who knows? Maybe your soul mate is doing the exact same thing right now!

What are some of your favourite romantic movies?
Let me know, I'd love to hear your list!

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Anonymous said...

My 10 would be:

The Holiday
Notting Hill
The Lake House
Pride & Prejudice (latest version)
The Illusionist
Just like Heaven
All that Heaven Allows (the Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman 1950s film)
Meet Joe Black
People will Talk (a 1950s Cary Grant film)
Tristan and Isolde
Music & Lyrics

But that makes 12, two over. I'm not asking that you necessarily post my response but your list just got me to thinking. I'm happy that it did.

Sonetto said...

I'm sorry, but I made a terrible mistake in my list of my favorite romantic movies. Far from Heaven was a movie I really hated (it was a bad remake of All that Heaven Allows. It made the women of the 50s look ridiculous, which they really weren't, I having been one of them in both north and south.). I meant to say "Just Like Heaven" with Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon.

Sorry for the goof!

Anonymous said...

My favourite romantic movie is the original "An Affair to Remember" with Deborah Kerr and Gary Grant. I am going to watch "Love Actually" tomorrow, thanks for reminding me.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Emmanuel!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your email. Have I got a movie for you! "Besieged"! Have you seen it? It stars Thandie Newton (I think that's her name - the British actor from Southern? Africa.) Do not adjust your set for the first while. Hope it blows your mind the way it did mine. It was panned by critics, but you know how that goes. Sometimes they pass over diamonds...

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Sonetto said...

I used to be the "anonymous" right above "Sonetto" but I'm actually Sonetto, just didn't know how to put in that name when I registered.

I forgot to list one of my favorite romantic movies, "The End of the Affair," the 1999 version. I much prefer it to the 1955 version. Then, in the 1950s which tells you how ancient I am, I was impossibly in love with a most wonderful man, but I was unavailable. He and I had only the book which had just come out ... we knew we were going to come to an end ... the book somehow helped sustain us through our parting.

It was not until the 1999 film version came out that the intensity of the novel and the movie seemed to match, though there were some changes in plot that did not disturb the integrity of the film, at least for me.

By the way, my old love and I are still in touch though we've never seen each other again, only now ironically he's unavailable.

I will watch the 1999 End of the Affair tonight and remember.

Why am I telling this to Motivatorman and his legions? I dunno!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hello Sonetto,

Thanks for your 3 comments and top 13 list. I saw some other favourites of mine and some new titles I will check out.

Thanks for sharing as you may already see that the internet world will benefit from your posted recommendations!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your optimistic spirit with us. Notting Hill is also one of my favourite romantic movies, as are 50 First Dates, Enchanted, Jerry Maguire, Meet Joe Black and strangely, My Girl. But my most favourite romantic movie would have to be The Notebook with Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling. The story is very much in line with your point about believing in something even when it's taking a very long time. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

Steve T

Sonetto said... Thank you for your comments on my list. I looked at your site and saw that you plan to write on movies as motivators. Terrific topic--it fits perfectly with my own experience. Because of a broken ankle I was out of action for a good portion of last year & lacking much else to do, I watched more movies cumulatively than I'd ever before seen in my whole life. Some really good ones & some duds. The little movie "Infinity," starring Matthew Broderick, & directed & produced by him, was a gem--funny, instructive, historically interesting, with an excellent soundtrack by Bruce Broughton. It stimulated me to buy several books based on Richard Feynman's lectures, among them "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman" & "What Do You Care what Other People Think?". They were, like the movie, funny, interesting, instructive. For the first time in my life I started paying attention to physics as a subject (I won't go far in that of course) but most of all to the ways in which Feynman's father stimulated his son's interest in learning. My two sons now each have a copy.

Great topic. I look forward to reading your thoughts.