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Tip#113: More Holiday Movies To Energize You - 6 Movie Tips

There are special, meaningful movies that can lift you up every time you watch them. It doesn't matter how many times you've seen them they just do something deep inside you to re-energize your spirit.

December holidays can be lonely and depressing for some. It can amplify what is missing in someone's life. Last year I experienced a great amount of unexpected stress from work that almost ruined my holidays. Thankfully I had good friends to support me and holiday movies to reactivate my optimism. Movies can be a great way to overcome Christmas holiday depression.

Old Classics:

As I wrote last year in Tip#10: Re-Energize Through Christmas Movies, I shared some classic holiday movies that warmed my spirit: It's A Wonderful Life,A Christmas Carol,Miracle On 34th Streetand A Christmas Story. These are just some of the many movies that play on TV during the Christmas season. One American TV network even features a 24 hour marathon screening of A Christmas Story.

New Classics:

Now there are new classics that are repeating each year on TV as much as the old classics. And they also have messages of hope, optimism and love that will stand the test of time.


Starring: Will Ferrell, James Caan
Message: The power of eternal childlike optimism
The movie, Elfcelebrates a timeless childlike optimism we must all keep alive in our adult lives. It gives us the message that Christmas spirit is a form of energy that can power Santa's sleigh and re-energize our souls. For more on Elfsee: Tip#8: Celebrate The Little Things Like 'Elf'

The Family Man

Starring: Nicholas Cage, Tea Leoni
Message: Finding a happy work/life balance
The movie The Family Manis like a modern day It's A Wonderful Lifestory. A wealthy, single corporate executive thinks he has it all until he magically experiences another life of having have a family. The movie's message is about the richness that comes from sharing one's life journey with a loving family. For more on this film see: Tip#11: Get A Glimpse Of The Life You Want

Love Actually

Starring: Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley
Message: The optimism of love in many types of relationships
This film is an epic story about love and loss with a star-studded cast and fantastic uplifting music. It explores many different forms of love and pain that we've all experienced. For more on this film see: Tip#12: 'Love Actually' Is All Around


Starring: Kate Beckinsale, John Cusack
Message: Finding soul mates through the magic of serendipity.
The movie Serendipityis about fortunate accidents and meaningful coincidences when it comes to a couple that meet just before Christmas. Through magical synchronicities they prove that some couples are meant to be together. For more on this movie see: Tip#26: The Magic of 'Serendipity'

The Family Stone

Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton
Message: The humour of family gatherings at Christmas
The movie, The Family Stoneexplores the humour of family issues that erupt at holiday gatherings. This movie is especially meaningful to me because my father passed away just before Christmas back in 2000. The Family Stonecelebrates the idea of keeping a loved one's memory alive at the holidays.


Starring: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey
Message: The power of eternal childlike optimism and finding true love
The movie, Enchantedmay not be directly related to Christmas time but since I recently saw this magical movie I am including it on this list. This film works on so many levels to lift your spirits that I recommend it to everyone of every age! For more on Enchantedsee: Tip#110: Celebrate Everyday Magic, Part 2

So remember that holidays are a time to break away from your busy schedule. It's a time to share the festive season and re-energize your spirit. Find a favourite holiday movie and re-ignite your passion. And, if you can, share the movie experience with a loved one. Movies have the power to melt away your problems and let your inner optimistic light shine out.

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