Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tip#110: Celebrate Everyday Magic, Part 2 - Enchanted

There's a little bit of magic everywhere you go. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets buried by the heavy realities of life and work. But it's never too late to take time out of our busy day to remember the magic in the little things we enjoy doing.

The first workshop I recently gave at my new wellness centre I'm connected with (mentioned in my previous tip) was part of a weekend open house called the Expansion Celebration. They were celebrating the second floor renovations that included the great workshop space I presented in.

It was a perfect name to celebrate with because personal wellness is all about expanding awareness of one's body, mind and spirit. So throughout Saturday and Sunday there was an abundance of free seminars on a number of topics to educate and empower visitors.

One topic I was drawn to was called "Self-care Skills for Stress Management". This seminar was presented by a massage therapist with a wonderfully warm energy. Her presentation also included handouts with a list of things that made you feel good. The list included: taking a bubble bath, go for a walk in nature, take time to notice stars and giving yourself permission to dawdle.

I loved this list because it is similar to the spirit of the lists I present in my own workshops. Her list had that eternal childlike optimism that is key to keeping yourself energized and positive. The facilitator herself exuded this childlike optimism so we obviously made a strong connection like we were kids having fun at a playground.


The day after this open house I was drawn to see the movie, Enchanted. It's a new Disney film currently topping the box office and receiving rave reviews. Even as I write this I cannot stop thinking about the wonderfully positive messages and songs in the film. The story is about a classic animated princess, played by Amy Adams, and what happens when she enters the real world of New York City.

The princess becomes human but still retains her eternally childlike optimism which initially clashes with the pessimism of a lawyer she meets played by Patrick Dempsey. Her positive attitude, overt enthusiasm and appearance looks very out of place in the real world but later reveals the truth that her magical optimism is so desperately needed here. Just by being herself she exudes a contagious magic.

I could write pages about how uplifting and empowering this movie is so I will just say please see this movie if you are feeling low and stuck in life. 'Enchanted' will inject new hope into your day and re-activate your eternal childlike optimism.

So take time to treat yourself during your busy days. Remember that seeing the magic in everyday activities you enjoy can fill you with energy. Remember to celebrate these little things that make you feel good by doing them a little more each day.

Your spirit will thank you by re-igniting your passion and re-energizing your life!

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

I went to see Enchanted and I totally agree with your sentiments, it was enchanting. When I was leaving the theater I decided it was a movie I will purchase when it comes out on DVD, which is something I rarely do.

Thanks for your all your wonderful motivational tips this year they always give me a lift.


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks indeed for sending me these tips. After reading your tips i feel so different , i am enegized and i have to thank you.

Anonymous said...

Now you have got me wanting to see this movie!!! I just read a modern day fairy tale, Princess Bubble that I loved and can't wait to see Enchanted. Thanks!