Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tip#109: Celebrate More: Part 1 - Elf

Every moment is a chance to celebrate something in your life. The act of celebrating takes the energy and expands it. So if you believe in the law of attraction you can magnetize even more situations to celebrate.

I just gave a free demo of my workshop called "How To Press Play When You're Stuck On Pause" at the new wellness centre I had used the law of attraction to find at the end of the summer (see Tip#98 Manage Your Goals). It felt like a celebration on so many levels and I shared that excitement with the packed room.

I even talked about how excited I was for each of the attendees holding my new promo cards I had been working on for several weeks. My goal was to create a memorable takeaway postcard for people to be drawn to wherever they saw it. This card would look and feel as empowering as my services and workshops.

I felt I accomplished my goal when a friend and personal development coach examined one of these cards hot off the press. She asked if I were just leaving these cards at public locations for people to take. When I said yes she said, "Oh no, these are too good!"

Inject More Energy

You see putting your time, energy and passion into something injects that activity or object with even more energy. I had spent weeks focusing a positive energy and joy working on this promo card's graphic design, illustration and text writing. I loved every moment of the process.

I had also consulted about a half dozen friends who were marketing experts to get their feedback on the text information. So they added their own energy to the project and that energy grew even more. Plus I celebrated every step of the process with them!

It goes back to the law of attraction and remembering that everything is made of energy. So when you focus positive energy and joy into something it can be filled with that same energy that will positively affect others.


This reminds me of many great scenes from the movie, Elfstarring Will Ferrell. I had already written about this heartwarming movie in Tip#8: Celebrate The Little Things. Ferrell plays Buddy who is always in a state of joy and celebration. He is brimming with positive energy. He has an eternal childlike optimism that can inspire you to look at what you can celebrate.

So celebrate the everyday moments and achievements in your life. Be more aware and feel that invincible joy when something goes well for you. That joy energy will grow with each new celebration. And when you share what excites you with supportive friends then your energy will build even more!

So remember whatever you focus on will give it energy. Whether it is an activity or object it can become empowered on multiple levels. Let that eternal childlike optimism within you come out to play and celebrate something right now!

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
Amanda Bradley

To download a pdf sample of the new promo card click here.

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that your room was packed. I am sure that the seminar was a success.

Love the idea of the card.
Good luck.