Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tip#102: Are You A Worrier Or A Warrior? - 300

The act of worrying can waste precious time and energy. And yet it could be a behavioral process that we have grown accustomed to for years and cannot break. The great news is that you can break this loop of behaviour. You just have to first choose if you are going to be a worrier or warrior.

Recently I found myself in an unexpected state of worrying about a decision I had to make about a series of workshops I'd been planning. I was overloaded with projects at the time and couldn't focus. A deadline for committing to specific dates for these workshops was fast approaching and I needed to make choices. I could feel trapped in some sort of loop.

So I stepped back from what I was currently working on and reminded myself that I am in control of my life.

First Step

That was the first step in breaking out of the worrier loop. I chose to be a warrior rather than a worrier and looked at the silver lining of my situation. I chose to see it as a gift though I couldn't see the shape of it yet.

Second Step

The second step was to use the law of attraction and put out an etheric email to the universe asking for help and guidance. I pictured myself feeling good that the ideal person would come to give me the ideal advice.

Third Step

On the day I had to make my decision about the workshops I felt a strong gut feeling to call up a specific friend and ask their opinion. That was the third step, recognizing signs and clues. It was like receiving an etheric email back from this person to contact them in the flesh! So all I had to do was act on it.

Fourth Step

The fourth step was acting on the sign or clues you received. So I called and synchronistically got this person immediately on the phone and I told her my situation. The answers I got was to let go of my original workshop dates and reschedule for the new year to give myself more time to enjoy the process. A soothing breeze washed through my soul! I felt lighter! I had been putting incredible pressure on myself and it all lifted when she gave me that simple advice. I just had to let go of my original goals.

The gift in this situation reminded me that no matter what appeared as an obstacle that I was always in control of my life. Yes, at first I had slipped into a worrier pose but eventually I was able to remember my warrior pose. It just takes conscious training to make this the default behaviour at any given time.

300The Movie

This situation reminded me of the movie, 300a visually rich and artistic version of the historical Spartan battle with the Persian army. The Spartan army were bred and trained at childhood to win. They were conditioned to be fearless and be relentlessly assertive. Failure was not an option.

The soldiers would grow up with a warrior mentality with strategic values for watching each other's backs. Even the Spartan women are portrayed as strong-willed and fearless. If you want to inspire your inner warrior for being assertive and being in control of your life I recommend viewing this visually stimulating film.

So even if your current default behaviour causes you to worry about situations know that you can change anytime into a more positive mode. Choose to be a warrior over a worrier. Train yourself to see the silver lining of whatever cloud you are under. Train yourself to see the gifts hidden behind your obstacle.

Remember you are always in control of your life even if at first it doesn't feel like it. Focus on your inner warrior strengths. It is there and just needs to be exercised. Make the most of your time and energy and take charge of your day right now!

"The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus."
Bruce Lee

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

You are amazing!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!
You made my day!

Your Fan
Saira Bashir

Anonymous said...


I am so in love with your tip for today. I have just used it and I do feel lighter. The cause for my concern is no longer a forethought in my mind. I have handled it with such ease and fluidity that I even surprised myself. I have been the typical worrier for many years and am just beginning to learn the beauty of and strength acquired by asserting myself. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,
First of all CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE AMAZING AND FANTASTICALLY ENLIGHTENING blog messages you are sending out to the ether this particular one hit me on my head....:) as my freelance 6 months contract expired at Wunderman and now looking for job again but with awsome learnings, grounding experiences, networking contacts etc..behind me ....
Your insights, style of writing and savvy is so empowering...I love your intellect and energies!

All the very best to a great WARRIOR not a worrier!!!

Judith C.H.