Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tip#103: Re-Energize The Meditative Way - 3 Movie Tips

There are many ways to energize yourself when you feel stuck. Some methods are based on jumpstarting your engine like a car. While others are so gentle that it's easy to dismiss them.

When I feel stuck for ideas I always know my mind will flow when I take a shower. I love taking showers for this reason. I imagine the hot water washing away the blocks in my mind as I enjoy the encompassing warmth all over me. I can feel the stress leaving me and washing down the drain.

It's as if I have cleared space in my mind and new ideas can come pouring in through the top of my head. Sometimes I wish I had a waterproof pen and paper so I can write down the great ideas that come through me in the shower! There have been many times when I've rushed out wet to make notes on my computer.

Washing dishes can have a similar meditative effect on clearing your mind. Going for a short walk can also have powerful results in separating yourself from built up stress. Thankfully certain movies can do the trick too. Here are some mainstream movies I enjoy that have a meditative effect to take me away from reality for awhile.

The Black Stallion

The movie The Black Stallionis about a little boy who becomes shipwrecked with a wild Arabian stallion. It's a magical movie of how they become friends. The island sequences when they are alone have little dialogue and it lets you drink in the lush surroundings and peaceful air. Just thinking about this movie brings a soothing breeze through my mind as I write this.

Cast Away

Cast Awayis another movie about a shipwrecked person played by Tom Hanks. This film is similar to The Black Stallionas there is little dialogue during the scenes on the deserted island. In fact there is no music throughout the main character's stay on the island. This effect can really help put you into the movie experience and separate yourself from whatever stress is happening in your life.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonis one of many films from China that are filled with meditative sequences. What stands out is that these powerful scenes combine the beauty of martial arts as if it were ballet. There is a breathtaking fight sequence that defies gravity high atop a sea of swaying bamboo trees. Another recommendation is the richly colourful movie, 'Hero' starring Jet Li.

So when you are feeling stuck remember the gentle option of doing an everyday meditative activity. Take a shower or luxurious bath to wash your stress away. Take a walk around your block where there are green trees and the sounds of birds or a breeze to seed a new rhythm into your mind. Take a moment to think of the other gentle re-energizing activities you can do in your own home.

And discover the power of a movie that could help take you away for an hour or two. Find movies that are meditative and soothing to your soul. Let the film's sights and sounds take you out of yourself. Soak yourself in the music and ideas of the story that unfolds.

And when you return from your mini vacation of whatever break you choose you will be ready and excited to move through your life again.

Emmanuel Lopez
Silverlining Specialist & Motivational Wingman
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

I enjoy my showers, with coffee too. However the snow and cold weather has arrived, with that limited hot water.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the shower ( and jumping out to make a note) and the walk in nature but not to the washing dishes........:-)


Anonymous said...

I call my shower "My Escape" for the the very same reasons you have stated. During my most stressful moments as a new mother 3 years ago, the only place that I had, that I could call my own; that I could spend time by myself; where I could think; where I could feel completely free to be me; to just pretend that I was getting a well-needed massage; to cry; to remember what was most important to me; to plan; to feel good about my body and love me; was the shower. To this very day, I view long hot showers as "My Escape".

I did not realize that anyone else would have felt similar about showers. I will admit that my "long" showers are truly on the excessively long side. But, it is my mini vacation away from stress.