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Tip#107: Do the Opposite - Seinfeld - The Nutty Professor

The fear of facing certain people is like being caught in an endless loop of the same unwanted results. You feel frightened, stressful and helpless. The trick is to get so sick and tired of this pattern that you are willing to try dramatic methods to feel more confident and create better results.

Facing fears when meeting new people can be a big obstacle for some. I see this all the time with individuals that take my workshops for developing their self-confidence and people skills. That's why I congratulate them for just showing up! At my course called "Improve Your Social Interactions" offered at the Royal Ontario Museum, I see this fear a little more amplified because the workshop is geared towards singles.

During the 4 session course I get to see many of my students transform into brave souls who have challenged their old ways of thinking and courageously pushed their comfort zones. The program first has them practice their interactions in a classroom setting and then we all go to an actual singles event to apply the teachings.

Students ultimately learn to focus on the hidden opportunities in meeting new people rather then focusing on their fears or weaknesses. In a lot of ways they learn to do the opposite of what they have always done in the past.


I love a memorable episode of Seinfeldcalled 'The Opposite' that is humorous as well as inspiring. In the show George Costanza has a major revelation and decides that every decision that he has ever made has been wrong and resolves to do the complete opposite of what he would normally do. He suddenly begins to experience good luck, getting a girlfriend, moving out of his parents' house, and even landing a job with the New York Yankees.

There is a moment in the episode when Costanza faces loud movie theatre patrons making a ruckus. Normally he would ignore them, cower and say nothing. But Costanza is now doing the opposite of what he'd normally do and turns confidently to the troublemakers and shouts:

"Shut your mouths or I'll shut 'em for ya! And if you think I'm kidding, just try me. Try me! Because I would love it!"

The Nutty Professor

Another inspiring example is Sherman Klump in the film, The Nutty Professor. Played by Eddie Murphy, Professor Klump is introduced to us as very obese, shy and brilliant yet with very low self-esteem. So when he is finally tired of his appearance and inability to express himself to the woman he loves Klump decides to drink a formula he created to alter his DNA.

Klump is transformed into his opposite self naming himself Buddy Love. He is self-confidence, very assertive, witty and sporting a sleek, trim, handsome appearance. He is then able to express himself to the woman he cares for and to stand up for himself with others he normally couldn't with before.

So face your fears and try new options for creating better results in your life. Let Klump and Costanza inspire you to do the opposite of what you would normally do when facing others. Get tired of your initial behavioural patterns and tap into your confident alter-ego.

Push your comfort zones and unleash that hidden self-confidence that's dormant inside you. Release your assertive energy so you can always communicate your needs and desires any time you want!

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