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Tip#1122: Feel the Energy of Celebrations, Part 2 - The Christmas Chronicles

This week was full of wonderful celebrations! It started with a friend’s 50th birthday party where fashion designer Karen Beach faced her fears and made a dream come true by singing in front of an audience. The energy in the room was electric when she sang her bluesy tunes!

It was also a heartwarming reunion of friends I first met in the early 90’s when I was actively part of Toronto’s social scene of special events and parties. I felt so much love in that air that night!

The next celebration was two in one with my foodie pal and award-winning Culinary Mixologist, Jeremy Parsons launching his new cookbook, INVITE: COCKTAILS CANOPES COMPANY. The event was brimming with super delicious food and drink samples from his book as well as reconnecting and meeting new bloggers from the Toronto social media community. On top of that it was also Jeremy’s actual birthday! Once again the air at this event was electric with the excitement of celebrations.

As I’ve documented before on this blog, the positive energy of face-to-face social interactions is an amazing tonic for my symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). For some, like introverts, social scenes may be difficult. And yet I believe the re-energizing relief comes from focusing on the celebration aspect. This is the same energy I feel when Christmas spirit fills the air during the holidays. Thankfully I just discovered another Christmas movie that embodies a wonderful, uplifting feeling I can recommend!

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The comedy family film, The Christmas Chronicles, is about sister and brother, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) who accidently ruin Christmas for Santa Clause (Kurt Russell) but then join forces in an unforgettable adventure. This wonderful Netflix film captures the feeling of a classic Christmas movie with many funny and memorable scenes and standout performances from Russell and Camp. See: movie trailer

I was immediately moved by the opening music and scenes because they touch on the power of documenting family memories. Then throughout the film I could feel Christmas spirit warming me up many magical moments that touched my happy inner child. I also I enjoyed seeing the familiar streets filmed in my hometown of Toronto doubling as Chicago. And I got emotional many times because this was also a story of a family dealing with the loss of their dad at Christmas. I lost my dad close to Christmas as well and this film made me feel his loving spirit was with me.

The theme of believing is also celebrated and not just believing in the idea of Santa Claus but also believing in yourself. I really loved this film because it also had other life lessons like courage, family, perseverance, resilience, grieving and indestructible optimism! These were great lessons the whole family could enjoy every year when they see this movie together.

Inspiring Themes:
• Believing
• Courage
• Family
• Perseverance
• Resilience
Indestructible Optimism
• Supportive Relationships
• Grieving
• Documenting Memories
• Christmas Spirit

Any celebration can be looked at as a battery of electricity to tap into for re-energizing and lifting yourself up from difficult times, depression or just feeling lost in life. Celebrations like birthdays, Christmas holidays or making a dream come true are times to share that explosion of positive emotional energy and joy with others. Make sure you embrace and share the feel-good energy of something to celebrate today and every day!

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Tip#1122: Feel the Energy of Celebrations, Part 2 - The Christmas Chronicles

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