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Tip#1070: Heartwarming TV Christmas Movies, Part 4 - A Christmas Prince - A Princess for Christmas

I have a dream of finding a special woman to be my loving partner in life and in my work helping others. It’s one wish that is always re-energized whenever I see real-life examples like The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They are doing wonderful work with young people, charities and veterans with their Heads Together initiative. They believe unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges and are helping to promote more supportive dialogue. See: Heads Together campaign

The Duke’s brother, Prince Harry of Wales, is also involved with the Heads Together campaign and he’s also become a new inspiration with his recent royal engagement to American actress Meghan Markle. She has said that she would retire from acting and devote her time to humanitarian causes as a member of the British royal family. Reading this wonderful news really touched my heart and am looking forward to how their love story unfolds while helping others!

See interview: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on how they met

I found this engagement announcement highly synchronistic because just before the news I had felt a strong urge to watch two specific Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies that involved a common class American woman falling in love with a European Prince. First of all these holiday TV movies is a “not so guilty” pleasure of mine because, despite the cheesy scripts, they really make me feel good and always lift my spirits.

Secondly they remind me that any dream can come true as long as we keep believing in our vision. The love stories and mental health work of The Duke and Prince Harry along with the power of movies remind me to keep believing in magic! 

A Christmas Prince (2017)

The romantic comedy, A Christmas Prince, is about an American reporter, Amber Moore (Rose McIver) undercover as a tutor to get the inside scoop on a playboy, Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) of Aldovia. This entertaining and lavish Neflix production was similar to Hallmark holiday movies that have the same charm and lovable (and silly) characters you’ll grow to love each holiday season. Some of the mountain scenery and interior of the castle is so beautiful and breathtaking! See: movie trailer

A Princess for Christmas (2011)

The romantic comedy, A Princess for Christmas, is about Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) and her niece and nephew from Buffalo invited to spend the holidays with their estranged grandfather, Duke Edward of Castlebury (Roger Moore) and his son Prince Ashton (Sam Heughan). This fun, entertaining Hallmark film features many hilarious moments and lively characters. See: movie trailer

Another factor I found inspiring was this film was directed and written by actor and singer Michael Damian with his wife Janeen Damian. Knowing this further energized my vision of the kind of life/work adventure I am looking to share with a wonderful wife!

Real-life examples of loving couples, as well as heartwarming Christmas TV movies, can re-energize your spirit and fill you with hope for the kind of relationships, life and other dreams you desire. They can help inspire you to never give up and that dreams do come true! Just keep believing in magic!

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