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Tip#1064: Life & Work Lessons from Movies, Part 2 - The Founder

As I work on building my new website THE ART OF EMMANUEL LOPEZ I am reminded of how many wonderful years I was creating art and illustrations full time. I felt a strong sense of accomplishment unearthing many files with 100’s of printed samples and digital scans of commissioned work for high profile clients, magazines, newspapers and advertisements.

This introspective and retrospective process reminded me that I had a simple, effective and successful business model for my illustration business, Crackers World Communications, that I founded in the mid 80’s. I started with a simple whimsical style of black and white illustrations which were in demand for newspapers like The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail and The Financial Times of Canada. My self-promotionals, in the form of direct mail post cards and Christmas cards, were also a key to my success that reached potential clients. See this interview that featured some of my direct mail examples: Interview on Canadian Learning Television (2003) 

Interview on Canadian Learning Television's Career Moves Show (2003)
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Back in the mid 80's there was no internet or email so purchasing mailing lists of potential clients were like gold at the time! Word of mouth was key as well as new clients contacted me after seeing my illustrations in print that featured my name and credit underneath. And since there was no email the working relationships were either via telephone or in person. That social interaction was a joy that I miss today!

And as I review my rich history of illustrations and art I was excited to learn how I could incorporate this phase of my career with my current motivational services. Once again the universe was listening to me and an inspiring movie synchronistically came into my life that instantly became one of the greatest films to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs!

The Founder (2016)

The biographical drama film, The Founder, is about businessman Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) and his creation of the McDonald’s fast food chain. This entertaining and nostalgic movie also stars Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch as McDonald's founders Richard and Maurice McDonald. See: movie trailer

When this film was released I actually didn’t want to see it because it featured Ray Kroc as a ruthless, unethical businessman. But despite those character traits he still demonstrated many great leadership qualities. You see how he has a vision and doesn't let anything stop him making it a reality, not even the original founders. There is also a great sequence where the McDonald brothers are telling the story of how they created their fast food process. This film is definitely a great story with overflowing lessons and inspirational quotes for business owners and entrepreneurs!

"It's a symphony of efficiency, not a wasted motion." 

"We're an over night sensation thirty years in the making." 

"McDonald's could be the new American church, feeding bodies and feeding souls and it ain't just open on Sundays boys. It's open seven days a week." 

"If you're not making money hand over fist then something's terribly wrong." 

"You don't seem to know what business you're in. You're not in the burger business you're in the real estate business." 

"Nothing in this world can take the place of good old persistence." 

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a Vision
• Confidence
• Passion
• Persistence
• Perseverance
• Resilience
Indestructible Optimism 
• Ethics
• Leadership
• Teamwork
• Problem Solving
• Business Lessons

Today I do my best to eat more healthier, nutritional foods and yet once in awhile I will enjoy a trip to McDonald’s. For me it isn’t just the food it's the happy childhood memories I feel when I taste a McDonald’s hamburger! It's comfort food. And now I know more about the story behind this successful, global franchise and is an important resource for business lessons to recommend!

Movies can be filled with work and life lessons that inspire and motivate. They can feature characters that represent positive and negative traits that you can learn from. Whether you are a business owner or wanting guidance in your life, be open to the power of cinema to deliver insights and catapult you forward with confidence and positivity!

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