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Tip#1059: Believe In Synchronicity, Pt.5 - Veg Food Fest - TIFF17 – Downsizing

At Veg Food Fest with Stacey Burgess, Founder of Live On Chocolate.

Synchronicity: Defined as a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved.

33rd Veg Food Fest Synchronicities

During this week of the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival it’s been full of wonderful events and synchronicities. I attended the 33rd Annual Veg Food Fest at Harbourfront on a gloriously sunny weekend where I got to learn more about plant-based diets because of the alkaline diet I’ve been researching and implementing (see tips #1055, #1056, #1057). I tasted so many wonderful food samples of dairy and eggs free foods like the delicious Brioche buns by Ozery Bakery and heavenly Strawberry cheesecake from Daiya.

It was very synchronistic timing of the Veg Food Fest and my new diet direction which would lead to two amazing synchronicities that happened. They were so stunning and magical that I had to photograph the moment and post the stories on Instagram. The first was when I arrived on the Saturday and found myself in a big crowd looking for my friend I planned to meet with. As I was about to text my friend when I suddenly heard my name and right in front of me was my friend! I got goosebumps at this magical moment seeing her smiling face while holding my iPhone! See: Instagram photo & caption

And then later when I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to stay longer I put a message out to the universe to send me a sign if I was meant to stay longer. Within seconds Stacey Burgess, Owner of Live On Chocolate, a friend I hadn’t seen in years, called out to me who was standing nearby! And amazing thing is it was same exact spot where my other friend found me earlier! Stacey and I had a long, amazing, inspired talk that helped me with invaluable tips for moving forward with my work and life. We both felt our meeting was synchronistic. You may notice we're also wearing purple and grey in the photo! See: Instagram photo & caption

All these synchronicities that happen in my life always feel magical, mystical, divine and cinematic! Synchronicities also happen in movies and are always responsible for moving the hero forward on their journey of self-discovery, overcoming adversities and the overall story. Here is a prime example from a film I saw at TIFF17.

Downsizing (2017)

The science fiction comedy-drama film, Downsizing, is a social satire about Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) who want to have a better life and decide to use new technology called “downsizing” to shrink down to five inches and join a tiny community/world. This hilarious, intriguing, unique and thought-provoking movie features some stunning visuals and wonderful performances from the leads as well as Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau and other cameos. See: movie trailer

Paul’s adventure is filled with synchronicities starting with many moments he witnesses the benefits of “downsizing”. And when he is living in his new tiny community the plot and his life changes are accelerated further because of his neighbor Dusan (Christoph Waltz) and then a chance meeting with his cleaning lady Ngoc (Hong Chau). More discoveries unfold through Paul’s synchronistic situations that go in very unexpected directions of this tiny new world! I highly recommend this unique movie when it’s released in December 2017.

Synchronicities Leading Me to See Downsizing

Seeing this film at TIFF17 was also filled with a flow of coincidences. It started about two months ago when I reconnected with an old friend and storyboard artist from high school and art college on Facebook. Through Messenger he wrote how he got to know Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig at his home on a film shot here in Toronto a year before. That put the movie title Downsizing on my radar and later saw the teaser trailer and it excited me to want to see it! Then I found out it was screening at TIFF but didn’t make any plans to get tickets.

And yet I really believe the universe will make sure you have what you need as part of your life lessons and experience so I was surprised (and not-surprised) when a friend suddenly called me saying she had an extra ticket for Downsizing! I only had 90 minutes to get to the Princess of Wales Theatre and, of course, took action! I made it in time and relished in the wonderful TIFF energy, the company of a good friend, an amazing movie and another inspiring example of the magic of synchronicity!

Meaningful synchronicities are always present in your life and all you have to do is be open and take action when they arrive. You could choose to see them as just coincidences or you can believe they are part of the law of attraction, messages from the universe or gifts from God who wants to remain anonymous (my favourite definition of coincidences!). Your life is already like a cinematic adventure. Just be conscious of the chance meetings, situations and gifts that come to you today!

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Tip#1059: Believe In Synchronicity, Pt.5 - Veg Food Fest - TIFF17 – Downsizing 

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