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Tip#1058: Remember Your Indestructible Optimism, Part 5 - TIFF 2017 - Mary Shelley

I’ve learned time and time again that watching movie heroes face and overcome hardships, sadness and distress inspires something deep within my soul. Watching them display acts of courage and bravery can excite me and also move me to tears. They motivate me to not give up when times in my life look absolutely hopeless.

And movies based on real-life people who demonstrated indestructible optimism seem to fuel my spirit even more! I also believe in synchronicity when I witness a movie hero facing something very similar to challenges in my own life, work or relationships. It’s almost magical and often so profound in timing that I have to write about it and share these moments on this movie blog and in my motivational talks!

The Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF 2017, is on as I write this and I was invited to see a preview press screening of the biopic Mary Shelley about a week ago. The synchronicity of seeing this film was that I’d been experiencing depression symptoms due to experimenting with eating high acid forming foods (see tip#1057). Symptoms included feeling hopeless, unfocused and having ruminating, negative thoughts. Seeing the movie heroine face multiple adversities with amazing courage inspired me to stay hopeful, positive and to persevere.

After the screening I did research on the real life Mary Shelley and discovered her birthday was August 30th. I was stunned because this was the same date I saw the preview! I contacted the event organizer and she said she didn’t know and thought this coincidence was amazing too. For me I see it as synchronicity and reminders that sometimes situations in life are aligned to amaze and encourage people to feel some indestructible optimism!

Mary Shelley (2017)

The romantic drama, Mary Shelley, is based on the life of the author (Elle Fanning) of Frankenstein, depicting her as a fiercely modern 19th-century woman facing many painful challenges and relationships such as her husband and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (Douglas Booth). This lush period piece is a powerful, engaging story with strong performances by the leads as well as Bel Powley as Mary’s sister Claire, Stephen Dillane as her father, author William Godwin and Tom Sturridge as Lord Byron.

Inspiring Themes:
• Having a vision
• Passion
• Perseverance
• Resilience
Indestructible Optimism 
• Leadership
• Courage
• Supportive Relationships
• Creative Expression

For inspiration and motivation in overcoming painful adversities this film is highly recommended. Fanning brings much inner strength to her character Mary that led to writing her famed book Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Mary was able to utilize her strong will, imagination and writing skills to channel her profound grief into a famed book featuring characters that people have related to for over 150 years.

So this film is also highly recommended to artists everywhere to feel empowerment and vision that they too can use their talents in art, music, writing and other forms of self-expression to channel their emotions. As an artist myself I find it deeply cleansing, cathartic and freeing to express myself through drawing, composing music and lyrics and definitely writing this movie blog!

Despite whatever pain or traumatic events you face in life, do your very best to stay open to synchronistic movies and inspiring stories that come to you. Let these movie heroes remind you that dark days will pass and that perhaps it is your role to record or write about your experiences. It may be your purpose to share your struggles and how you maintained your resilience and indestructible optimism. Your story may end up saving another person filling them with hope and a shining light to move towards!

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