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Tip#1026: Movie Message About Purpose, Part 2 - A Dog’s Purpose

Like many people I was very disturbed when I saw a video that’s ignited a controversy about the film A Dog’s Purpose. I was torn about seeing the film even though I was so eager after the heartwarming trailer made me cry. But thanks to my friend, colleague, fellow dog lover and Communications & Relationship Coach, Tammy Cunningham, she encouraged me to read the real story behind the video.

I read two key articles in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety Magazine and it helped me understand the hidden facts about the video and then decided to see the film on opening day at the Yonge Dundas Cineplex theatre. I absolutely loved it and knew I had to make a stand and chose to support the filmmakers. I began posting my rave response and links for the articles (and other positive reviews) on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what Tammy shared on my Facebook post…

“Thank you for acknowledging and seeing this movie. They deserve our support as they have been victims of gossip that is debilitating to their art, careers and revenue. It is so incredibly unfair. This situation is a prime example of why it's important to fact check first. And always be suspicious of sources. TMZ is not a newsroom, it's snark gossip and editorials. Also, the moment I read that the video was held, I realized that I needed to dig deeper. These are all clues. This situation isn't just gossip, but actual sabotage.” 

With all the current problems in the media about fake news it is more important than ever to learn about the real facts. Not “alternative facts” but real facts. Here are the two articles I highly recommend you read…

Gavin Polone on 'A Dog's Purpose' Outcry, What Really Happened and Who's to Blame: The Hollywood Reporter

American Humane Weighs in on ‘A Dog’s Purpose’: Variety Magazine

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

The comedy drama, A Dog’s Purpose, is about Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) a dog whose life is shown from his point of view from birth to death and reincarnated through 5 different dog breeds and genders. This beautiful, funny and highly entertaining, emotional story includes wonderful performances by all the dogs as well as the human actors Dennis Quaid (adult Ethan), K.J. Apa (teenage Ethan), Bryce Gheisar (8 year old Ethan), Britt Robertson (Young Hannah) and Peggy Lipton (adult Hannah). See: movie trailer

The reviews have been mixed but this amazing movie really touched my heart and filled me with hope and feel-good energy. The story is a fantastic metaphor for the lessons about life that humans face and question. It’s also about loneliness and the uplifting power of living a life shared with others. The director Lasse Hallstrom has also directed many of my favourite films such as: My Life as a Dog, Chocolat, The Shipping News, Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale and The Hundred-Foot Journey.

I am eager to see this wonderful movie again mainly because it is such a thought-provoking feel-good film. It’s a good-cry movie too! And also I hope people eventually discover the magic and love exuding from this movie. If you are torn like I was about seeing this film I highly recommend you read the real stories behind the controversies for yourself.

Movies about purpose can give you inspiring messages about understanding your own purpose in life and your work. The stories behind the making of these films can also make you question where you stand with whatever you read, see or hear that is controversial. There is purpose in everything you feel both positive and negative. Let your discoveries make you feel empowered about yourself and what you believe in!

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