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Tip#1020: The Need for Human Interaction, Part 2 - Passengers

One of the key factors that helped me endure the isolation of clinical depression for many years was getting together face-to-face with close friends. For 5 years since it opened I’ve been going to a favourite coffee shop called Artegelato & CafĂ© where I have met with friends. These human interactions were like shining rays of light during dark and hopeless days I felt lost and alone. And the good food and coffee also helped lift my spirits!

Social interaction is something I now cherish and what I resonate with in movies such as Cast Away where the main character creates a friend he names Wilson out of a basketball in order to cope with years of loneliness. There is also the film I Am Legend where the last man in New York City copes with isolation by having conversations with mannequins he set up in a video store. These kind of movies remind us of how vital human connection really is.

At Artegelato & Cafe with owner Claudio and my friend Dwayne.

Passengers (2016)

The science fiction adventure film, Passengers, is about what happens when two people sleeping in suspended animation, while on a journey through space, are awakened 90 years too early. Starring Chris Pratt as Jim and Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora this is a visually stunning film with thought provoking themes of isolation and the choices made to cope with loneliness. See: movie trailer

The futuristic design of everything on board the spaceship Avalon is breathtakingly creative and amazing to look at. Many life lessons come up for Jim when he must learn how to cope with being alone and maintain his will to survive. And then Aurora must learn how to face her own challenges when she realizes her life plans are drastically altered and she must choose to find the silver lining in the darkness of this unexpected situation.

No matter what problems or challenges one faces it can be amplified by being isolated and separated from other people. Human interaction is absolutely key to maintaining one’s sanity, health & wellness. Social support can also help increase one’s positivity, drive, resilience and indestructible optimism. Let movies remind you that your best chance of riding the ups and downs of life is through the loving connection of good people around you!

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