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Tip#861: Expand Your Mind with Science Fiction, Part 9 – Netflix’s Sense8

“I’m losing my mind.” 
“No it’s just expanding.” 
Sense 8 (2015)

When I first saw The Matrix I was excited not only by the groundbreaking special effects but by the metaphysical, spiritual concepts it communicated. Its ideas of freeing your mind from internal and external obstacles and unleash your super self would inspire me for years! Later the directors, the Wachowskis, created another innovative film called Cloud Atlas that once again blew my mind with its multiple “quantum narrative” while communicating that we are all connected even in multiple lifetimes.

The Wachowskis, along with J. Michael Straczynski, then created Sense8 for Netflix that take the concepts of The Matrix and Cloud Atlas and raises it to a higher level. Sense8 is a play on the word sensate meaning aware. I found the first two episodes to be a little slow and confusing but once I saw the end of the third show it blew my mind at the exciting, massive potential of what the show is talking about! Once again I am compelled to feature this series on my blog as if it were one epic movie.

Sense8 (2015)

The science fiction drama web television series, Sense8 is about eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become telepathically linked mentally, emotionally and on other deeper levels. As each episode unfolds you begin to see the exciting examples of being able to access or offer a person's knowledge, language, skill sets and memories to each other at times of crisis.
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The 8 Sensates:
• Capheus/Van Damme (Ami Ameen) – Van driver - Nairobi
• Sun Bak (Bae Doona) – Chief Executive & kickboxer - Seoul
• Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) – Computer “Hacktivist” – San Francisco
• Kala Dandekar (Tina Desai) – Pharmacist - Mumbai
• Riley Blue (Tuppence Middleton) – DJ - London
• Wolfgang Bogdanow (Max Riemelt) – Locksmith & safe-cracker - Berlin
• Lito Rodriguez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) – Spanish actor – Mexico City
• Will Gorski (Brian J. Smith) – Police officer - Chicago

Sense8 is groundbreaking, brilliant and mind-expanding web television! It explores how connected we all are despite differences in language, political/religious beliefs or sexual preferences. Heterosexual, gay, lesbian and transsexual relationships are explicitly explored with each sensate. Actress Jamie Clayton happens to be a real transsexual playing a transsexual character. And wait until you see the cross-continental telepathic sensate orgy in episode 6!

I am ultimately inspired by the concept of community spirit taken to a metaphysical level through the power of thought and focus. If you are going through depression or difficult times imagine being able to simply send out a mental SOS and have someone (or more) appear to help you persevere and stay resilient.

Science fiction can open your mind to new ideas that could inspire new ways to look at your problems. It can also expand your awareness of seeing past our differences and preferences and recognize we are all sharing this great big planet together. Discover how imaginative movies and TV can unleash your super self today!

Inspiring Themes:
• Perseverance
Indestructible Optimism 
• Supportive Relationships
• Community Spirit/Team Spirit
• Teamwork

“I’m not just a me. I’m a we.”
Sense8 (2015)

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