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Tip#859: Cultivate Supportive Relationships, Part 4 – Paper Planes

“I’m being supportive, that’s what mates do.” 
Paper Planes (2015)

I continue to feel consistence symptoms of clinical depression that started in September of 2014. And though I’m currently on the 5th session of a 15 week group program on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (see tip#855) and have altered my diet to be more nutritional my symptoms still persist. Thankfully I’ve been receiving heartfelt support by family, friends, work colleagues and dedicated blog readers like Christine Bode who left this comment on my previous tip#858

“I continue to be inspired by your perseverance and resilience when it comes to dealing with your clinical depression, Emmanuel! You're a leader and an inspiration and I thank you. I'm always reading your blogs even when I'm not commenting but I want you to know that you ARE inspiring me and I'm grateful for our connection!” 

All my best & hugs too, Christine 

It’s comments like this that does wonders when I'm feeling low to re-activate my indestructible optimism and resilience! These comments are like a shining light in dark times reminding me that I’m not alone even if I feel isolated (see: tip#857). Hockey legend Ron Ellis also made me feel supported in our conversation I wrote about in tip#858. That’s why my 3-part recipe for resilience includes cultivating supportive relationships and team spirit both in the workplace and in life. I believe this is so important for anyone young and old.

Paper Planes (2015)

The family drama and comedy film, Paper Planes, is about a young boy named Dylan (Ed Oxenbould) from Australia who has a passion for flight and enters paper airplane championships that lead to Japan. This funny and touching film is wonderfully optimistic and has great performances from all the kids as well as Dylan’s father Jack (Sam Worthington) who is suffering from depression. See: movie trailer

This is one of those films that feels like it is full of light! There are many uplifting messages and the Australian scenery always feels full of bright sunlight. Plus it is fllled with examples of many supportive relationships from Dylan’s school friends, teachers and family at home and his new friend from Japan. In turn Dylan shows his loving support for his father despite the debilitating depression you see Jack struggling with. Dylan’s unshakable support moved me and it will move you too.

Inspiring Themes:
• Following a passion
• Perseverance
• Indestructible Optimism
• Resilience
• Supportive Relationships
• Dealing with Depression (mental health)
• Exploring other cultures
• Team Spirit & Community Spirit

Remember you are not alone even if you feel isolated in whatever challenges you face. Whether it is with depression or a difficult goal or task at work or in life remember to cultivate supportive relationships to be shining lights in dark times.

“I’m going to stick with you for as long as it takes.” 
Paper Planes (2015)

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