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Tip#829: Resilience Resources, Part 11 – The Tardigrade – Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

I was truly amazed and fascinated to learn about the most resilient creature on the planet called the Tartigrade. It can live in boiling water or in solid ice and can go ten years without any water or food. It has survived all five mass extinctions and sent into the vacuum and radiation of space and returned alive!

The Tardigrade is only the size of a pinpoint and has been called a water bear because of its appearance. And though it also looks like an alien creature from a Sci Fi film I look at the Tardigrade as a source of inspiration for being incredibly resilient. If this tiny guy can survive so many extremes in life I’d like to think that anyone could at least have the mental strength to survive the harsh things negative people can do OR say to you. A movie hero that demonstrates this resilient mindset is Longfellow Deeds.

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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

The screwball comedy film, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, is about a small-town man named Longfellow Deeds (Gary Cooper) who inherits a fortune and moves to New York City. This Frank Capra classic is brimming with hilarious characters and memorable scenes. Capra also won an Oscar for Best Director. This movie is also on my Top 10 Feel Good Movies list (see tip#828). And if you love It’s a Wonderful Life you will love this film too.

While in the big city, Deeds eventually realizes that whatever he says and whatever good he tries to do with his fortune that the press and other people make him look like a fool. He is even committed to a hospital on an insanity warrant and then immediately put on trial. In the courtroom Deeds is made to appear mentally unstable. Wave after wave of testimony is thrown at him as he remains silent in defending himself. He looks utterly depressed and defeated. But once he hears that the woman he cares about loves him back his spirit jumps back to life in the fantastic finale.

Deeds and his resilience shines bright and this is a powerful message of staying strong no matter what negativity or opposition you are currently facing in the workplace or in life. Be inspired by movie heroes like Longfellow Deeds and by the indestructible powers of the microscopic Tardigrade. You have the inner strengths to persevere!

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