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Tip#826: See Life As An Adventure, Part 5 - Water for Elephants

“You’re in for the ride of your life!”
Water for Elephants (2011)

I continue to experience unusually high SAD/depression symptoms during this cold winter. And yet my indestructible optimism is keeping me focused on my positive vision of having vibrant mental health. I am using my own creative visualization techniques to expect my dreams and goals will manifest. And I remind myself each and every day that the highs and lows of my life is part of my adventure!

In searching for a new guided meditation on visualization I came across a wonderful one by Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association in the UK (click here). In her video introduction she also recommended listening to inspirational music and shared a favourite that was the theme from the film Water for Elephants (only used in the movie trailer). Her love and enthusiasm for this music intrigued me to immediately watch the movie.

Thanks to Carrie, I once again felt I was magically and synchronistically led to this movie to lift me up just like the movie hero being led onto the adventure of his life despite the challenges he faced.

Water for Elephants (2011)

The romantic drama, Water for Elephants, is about Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson & Hal Holbrook) and his adventures joining the Benzini Brothers Circus after losing his home, career plans and parents to a car accident during the Great Depression. This film captures the magical excitement of the circus and has powerful performances by Pattinson, Holbrook, Christoph Waltz, Reese Witherspoon AND Tai as Rosie the elephant! See: movie trailer 

There is one scene near the beginning where Jacob forces himself not to look back as he leaves his home for the last time and just moves forward. That is what creative visualization is about. You must keep focused on the future and not focused on your current adversities.

And though Jacob didn’t have a precise vision of what he wanted he felt his parents led him to jumping onto the circus train. He was open to having an adventure! He ended up experiencing living on a train, traveling across the US, using his talents and skills as a veterinarian, dressing and dining in upper class style AND finding love.

If you are going through challenges in the workplace or in life do your very best to define what you want and stay focused on a positive future for yourself. Listen to visualization meditations like Carrie Green’s and watch uplifting movies to inspire you and increase your positive emotional energy. And remember to always see your life as an adventure with all its highs and lows!

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