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Tip#807: Top Feel-Good Movies, Pt 3 – The Artist

Before I do any motivational talks or radio interviews I always visualize the individuals in the audience feeling good as they listen to me speak. I picture them gaining an important answer to a challenge they currently face.

I recently did a 30 min. interview for A Kind Voice radio show with host Dominick Domasky where I talked about five movies for motivation: Rudy, Million Dollar Arm, Saving Private Ryan, Temple Grandin and Guardians of the Galaxy. Listen to the show

A few days afterwards I gave a motivational talk where I presented Guardians of the Galaxy as a key movie for teamwork and team spirit. I then posted a photo of me in action onto Instagram and soon the director of the film James Gunn had seen the photo and Liked it! I was so excited because I was now on this Hollywood director’s radar just sharing movies that make me feel good and that could help others feel good too!

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The Artist (2011)

The romantic comedy-drama, The Artist, is about successful silent film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) who faces being obsolete when talking pictures takes over the industry. It is also a love story of rising star, Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) who helps George through his difficult times. Shot in the style of a classic black & white silent film this Oscar winning movie is full of unexpected magic and uplifting, heartwarming moments.

I recently saw this wonderful film at a friend’s luxurious condo theatre and got to see it through the eyes of people watching The Artist for the first time. They loved it! It’s always amazing to see how magnified the emotion, humour and joy of the characters and scenes are with no dialogue. The visuals, exuberant dancing and music always take me to a happy world!

I highly recommend seeing this feel-good film to lift your spirits. It will remind you of the simple joys in life and that there is always hope, optimism and help when you need it most!

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