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Tip#805: Resilience Resources, Part 2 - Depression - It’s Kind of a Funny Story

As I mentioned in tip#803 I used my creativity to create illustrations, artworks and compose and record songs to lift myself up from my depressions and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The thing is I didn’t even know I was depressed or had SAD back in the 90’s or earlier! I just figured out a powerful coping method for the feelings of hopelessness and isolation I’d slip into from time to time.

Watching movies and writing this blog twice a week also became coping methods because they helped stop the ruminating in my mind that occurs in depression (see tip#801). Recently during a difficult week with SAD I was listening to a song I recorded and released in 1999 called Rain of Angels. It immediately soothed my mind and I decided to produce a music video that would include colourful artworks I also created during times of depression.

Creating the music video was yet another coping method and the extra joy I felt came from my intention to post it online to help others going through difficult times, depression, winter blues or SAD. If you or someone you know could benefit from this video please send them this link: Rain of Angels Music Video

It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2014)

The comedy drama film, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, is about a stressed 16 year old named Craig (Keir Gilchrist) checking himself into a mental-health clinic. Since the youth wing is closed he must spend his five-day stay in the adult wing where he makes friends with Bobby (Zach Gaifianakis) and another teen Noel (Emma Roberts). The film is a humorous look at mental pain and depression some people experience. See: movie trailer

The film shows how Craig learns to cope with his mental stress through opening up to the social support being offered him. It also shows how creating his artwork helps him find peace in his mind. Seeing this felt like a mirror for me and a profound reminder that I can now share my creative results with others who may benefit from my art, music & creative writing!

I highly recommend you see this film to inspire you to discover coping methods for challenges you face in your life or work. Maybe you have a creative talent like drawing, singing, playing an instrument or writing poems or stories. Your Resilience Resources for soothing your mind may be your very own creativity unleashed!

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