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Tip#747: Persistence in Chasing a Dream (or Dream Girl) - Waking

There have been many unexplained, strange and fantastic events that have happened in my life. For example I once experienced a series of lucid dreams where I would meet with a beautiful woman and she led me to a piano to show me specific chords to play. In the following days and weeks I would compose songs that became my debut music CD, Rain of Angels. See music video: 2012 song 

I cannot read music and yet I composed songs like "2012", “Spiritual Chocolate” and “Rain of Angels Reprise” that ended up getting regular radio airplay on stations like Galaxie CBC radio. And for a few years I received $100's in airplay royalty cheques! I believe this dream woman was somehow real and helped me make a dream come true of sharing my music with the world. I remember the lucid dreams being extremely vivid and hope to find a definitive answer to who this dream girl was AND if I’ll ever meet her.

Waking (2013)

The romantic comedy fantasy, Waking, is about newly engaged Ben (Skyler Caleb) who begins to have a series of vivid dreams with the beautiful Nadia (Meg Cionni). When Ben realizes she is a real person (whom he met once) and interacts with in dream state it turns his relationships upside down with his fiancé, boss and friends. Believing this dream girl is his soulmate he does everything he can to find her. See: movie trailer

This funny and witty film also has lessons in persistence, perseverance and tenacity for achieving seemingly impossible goals. Ben’s passion is so strong he finds the courage to follow his heart despite the adversities and people that did not support him.

When I saw this film I got chills up my spine because of the parallels of Ben’s dream girl experiences and my own. I was so grateful for this magical movie that I contacted the writer/star Skyler Caleb via Facebook to thank him. I told him my own lucid dream story and he responded that he has heard from multiple people who have similar stories.

Waking is an original romantic comedy fantasy that inspired me to believe that I could someday meet my dream girl too! Be entertained and inspired to persist with your own dreams and goals. You can see the film online now: Official Waking website

Remember How Movies Can Help You: 
A) Entertain & Escape 
B) Re-energize & Release 
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments 

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