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Tip#744: Have a Vision, Part 1 - Noah

Toronto has a beautiful city hall building that, when completed in the mid 60’s, people felt it was extremely futuristic, too futuristic for the city. Some people didn’t like this vision of architecture. But now the building is an important icon for the city.

There are also people with strong visions throughout history that were controversial at the time but now accepted like William Wilberforce who had a vision to abolish the slave trade in the late 1700’s as seen in the film Amazing Grace (see tip#741). See this great list: People who made a difference throughout history

And then there are film-makers who are making films that rewrite iconic stories and characters that cause controversy such as the Star Trek reboot films or the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel. For me these two examples are filled with many pros and cons. And now there is a rewrite of a famous biblical story with such a huge alternate vision that you really have to see it to shake up your own thoughts of Noah’s Ark.

Noah (2014)

The fantasy action drama film, Noah, is a retelling of the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark on an epic, magical and unexpected level. Writer and director Darren Aronofsky shares his vision of Noah and the building of the ark that is completely different from what you grew up with. Noah (Russell Crowe) is like an action hero tasked by God with a vision to build the ark with the help from his family and giant beings made of rock called The Watchers. The visuals are absolutely stunning and truly on a grand biblical scale especially when you see the multitude of animals and creatures board the ark. See: movie trailer 

The film has received mixed reviews and banned in several countries and yet, according to Wikipedia, has received Christian and Jewish appraisal. I recommend seeing this film without any expectations except to experience a highly imaginative vision of an epic fantasy adventure like the Lord of the Rings films. In the end, the story is about the love of family and what it means to be a good person. It is also about what it means to have a vision you believe in deeply.

Let me know what you thought of this film. Did you like the vision of this biblical story?

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