Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tip#700: Celebrating Life & Disney - Disney’s The Kid

This post is celebrating my 700th movie tip and seven years I have been writing this movie blog! I am also celebrating exciting news that Disney Studios just contacted me about being involved in a promotional campaign for an upcoming movie! I am feeling so good right now! And I actually have another connection to Disney most people don’t know about.

During my high school years I had the honor of being trained as a caricature artist by the original Disney theme park artist instructor, Jess Rubio. He was hired by Walt Disney himself and helped me to hone my creative skills as well as performance skills since doing caricatures at Canada’s Wonderland for 5 seasons always drew huge crowds!

This all lead to my developing a unique style of caricatures commissioned for commercial usage by clients such as American Express, Cineplex Entertainment, Moses Znaimer and John Sleeman of Sleeman Breweries. See: caricature samples

So in celebration of my connections to Disney and this blog anniversary I am writing about one of the most insightful, inspiring family friendly comedies I love to recommend from Walt Disney Pictures.

Disney’s The Kid (2000)

The comedy, Disney’s The Kid, is about a rude, middle-aged workaholic and image consultant, Russ Duritz (Bruce Willis), who encounters his 8-year-old self (Spencer Breslin). Together they see things they don’t like about each other and later help empower one another to face fears. They also give reminders of what is important in life. This is an entertaining look at the consequences of unresolved issues from childhood. See: movie trailer

One important learning from this film is how the quality of life in our present and future is deeply connected to traumatic events of childhood. Many films demonstrate this such as Citizen Kane and Batman Begins. Disney’s The Kid is the most family friendly comedy I can recommend to anyone going through a mid-life crisis or whose life feels stuck on pause!

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