Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tip#694: Facing Adversity with Hope - Gravity

Toronto film critic Richard Crouse called Gravity “a life-affirming movie about the will to survive” and I whole-heartedly agree. I am currently doing an emergency move out of the beautiful condo space I’ve been in for only four months due to a life crisis my roommate/friend is facing. So it has been emotionally overwhelming on many levels. There were brief moments I felt hopeless and even alone in this situation.

And so, once again, I felt like a movie saved me just at the right time from sinking even further. The film Gravity helped me escape for awhile and be inspired by the movie hero facing incredible adversity. It filled me with hope.

Gravity (2013)

The drama film, Gravity, is about two surviving astronauts, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), set adrift when their space shuttle is damaged. The film is a stunning breakthrough in film-making with a breath-taking 17 minute opening scene done in one shot. This is the type of movie you must experience in IMAX 3D to feel the magnitude of being in space. See: movie trailer

The film features powerful themes of adversity, hopelessness, hope and the fear of being alone. The film drew me in completely with the pain the movie hero was experiencing and I was inspired by her will to persevere. And as the film progressed with its gripping scenes and imagery I received epiphanies that I would make it through my current adversity. I hope this film does the same for you if you are also facing overwhelming life challenges right now.

What favourite movies inspire you to deal with adversities? What movie heroes inspire you to persevere? Please let me know.

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Candice Frederick said...

this movie comes at the right time for many of us.

Dan O. said...

Good review Emmanuel. It was a very tense and stunning movie, however, I can't say I loved it. Then again, it was totally worth the watch on the big screen, and in IMAX 3D no less.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel - I wanted to touch base to let you know your review touched me and that my thoughts are with you in the current adversity your roommate/friend and you are facing ..... my hope is that the pain flow over you, through you and flies away into the universe leaving you both stronger and in an even better place. Regards Donna

Donna Cragg
Principal/CEO at Forward Vision Canada