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Tip#695: Be the Change You Want to See In The World, Part 2 – Miss Representation

Within hours of writing the previous blog post I immediately made my emergency move into a new home with the help of friends (see tip#694). And it was only 48 hours before that I had confirmed a place to live. Then as soon as I had moved in I needed to prepare for a motivational talk I was booked to give. Why is my life so full of adversities? I believe it’s to learn how to always maintain my indestructible optimism no matter what AND to be an example for others wanting to overcome their own challenges.

This belief was once again confirmed when I looked into the eyes of my recent audience of internationally educated professionals for the organization M-Bridge, Cultural Integration Society for Professionals. In my talks I share my successes as a business owner and entrepreneur as well as my struggles with depression, mid-life crisis and bankruptcy. That’s when I always see individuals riveted to what I am revealing and they approach me after to thank me. They tell me they just needed inspiration in their own struggles from someone who has gone through it too. These emotional moments give my life meaning and joy.

Miss Representation (2011)

The documentary, Miss Representative, explores how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in influential positions. The film is filled with thought-provoking interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Lisa Ling, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Rosario Dawson, Geena Davis, Jane Fonda, Dr. Jackson Katz, Dr. Jean Kilbourne, and Gloria Steinem. There are also a myriad of television and movie footage demonstrating the limited portrayal of what it means to be a powerful woman. See: movie trailer

At the end of the film women and girls of all ages share their solutions for making positive change for women in the world. One of the quotes shared in the movie is from Gandhi stating “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is one of my favourite quotes and is a belief I’ve integrated into my heart and mind about dealing with a difficult world. In the end I believe there are already many empowering female role models to inspire others to be leaders whether they be men or women. They, in turn, will then inspire a whole new generation seeking change!

What favourite movies inspire you to make positive change in your life? What movie heroes are role-models for you? Please let me know.

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